why is it so hard???!!!

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Hi everyone

I'm new to the forums; H2B and I are getting married next yr and I have just started shopping for my dress.

Been to 3 shops so far and found one I LOVE in each shop!!! they are all different and have different things about each of them that I love, but I just don't know how I will ever choose!!!

How did you do it all?

Did you really really feel the WOW factor???


Julie xxx


  • Hi Julie,

    I have not yet got my dress i am off to UK this Thursday to get my dress. I have seen the one i want online and so i am going for a dress fitting, i will also try other dresses on so i hope that i find the one i will let you know if i get the dress how i knew it was the one.

    Did you feel more drawn to one than the other with your dresses? You will have to do a pros and cons list on all of them lol if there are any cons of course.

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    Hi, everyone one said to me 'you would just know when you tried on the dress that was ment for you'

    I went to 8 different shops and found lots i really liked, at least one in each shop. but there was never the wow that's definatly the one feeling. then I went into the shop where i have now bought my dress from and really really liked some of the dresses espeshally one, but there was something not quite right. so they are changing it for me and i'm adding bits here, taking bits off there.

    for example taking off the straps, turning it into a 2 piece, adding layers to the skirt etc.

    It's a great place to allow me to do this so see if there is a similar place near you.

    I've got my dress from international brides in harrogate.

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    Welcome Joo, I think everyone is deifferent when it comes to finding 'the one' - I did have quite a strong reaction to one particular dress but didn't have the confidence to 'know' instantly, but having tried on several more I found that one kept coming back into my mind. When lokoing at a new one I subconsciously compared it, and that's when I really knew I'd found it!
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