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What dress are we all wearing? *with pics*



  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    I was looking at your picture earlier and couln't work out how to get it on, it's absolutely stunning and one of the dresses that makes me question my choice

  • flutterbryflutterbry Posts: 233
    feefee232 I ADORE your dress - VERY sophisticated x
  • flutterbryflutterbry Posts: 233
    porkiepine you look gorgeous! I'm having my hair very similar to yours for the big day - I love long wavy dark hair with a thick, chunky fringe x
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Flutterbry what are you having?
  • flutterbryflutterbry Posts: 233
    I'm gonna try posting mine. Its a demetrios dress but have NEVER managed to find a picture of it anywhere(?!)

    If my post doesn't work I'll put a link to photobucket

  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    I've got the same as smiley shazza but in light gold. Its the Alfred Angelo 1136 and it is so beautiful and sparkly! Only 403 days until I get to wear it!

  • oldbird42oldbird42 Posts: 515
    Hi - lovely dresses everyone.

    I've got a San Patrick Realeza (have posted pic so many times you must be sick of it!!!)

    Already had first fitting, second fitting a week on Saturday.

    I will get to wear it for real in 44 days time!!!
  • bumble-beeukbumble-beeuk Posts: 765
    I'm wearing Ellis 11034 in gold:

    [Modified by: bumble-bee on June 17, 2008 09:40 PM]

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  • bumble-beeukbumble-beeuk Posts: 765
    oops those pics are big!!
  • Not got pics of me in mine but it's Mori Lee 2811:

  • lexy78lexy78 Posts: 222
    I'm wearing a Mori Lee

    Gorgeous dresses girls xx
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Awww, I don't have my dress yet, but really enjoyed looking at all your amazing gowns - thank you! x x x
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296

    Lexy78's gown
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296

    This Flutterbry in her dress, she looks fab

    Flutterbry, this is exactly the dress and shape I was looking for but when I tried similar styles in they didn't suit me at all, boo hoo.

    It looks so good on you
  • AimzyAimzy Posts: 197
    Miss McNoMore that dress is absolutely gorgeous! Bet u feel like a princess in it. Soooo sparkly and gworgeous!!! x
  • annamulannamul Posts: 198
    Mine is Benjamin Roberts 958

    Is anyone else wearing this dress and if so does anyone have a better pic cos this models really starting to pee me off!!!! How dare she have a moody face when wearing MY dress!!!!!!

    Ooops can you tell i keep looking at it!!!!

  • My dress - Elizabeth by Jenny Packham. Quite obviously is not me in the picture...!

  • princessXukprincessXuk Posts: 284
    Here is mine Alfred Angelo 1142

  • babahunnybabahunny Posts: 96
    i wanted to add my name on but i dont know how, i am wearing sincerity 3193
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Aimzy, that's not me, I wish it was, I looked perfectly awfuk in this style.

    That's Flutterbry, isn't she gorgeous?
  • babahunnybabahunny Posts: 96
    ohhh theres so many beautiful dresses xx
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Aaargh I can't post the picture of your dress babahunny. I'll keep trying x
  • babahunnybabahunny Posts: 96
    oohh thankyou, i have a pic of me in it at my first fitting but im scared to put it on !
  • babahunnybabahunny Posts: 96
    ok well im off to bed now ill have a look tomorrow sometime after i take my little boy to school, my little girl at nursery in the afternoon too, might even be tomorrow evening now night all xxx thankyou miss mcnomore for trying xxx
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Oh please post it. Easy for me to say, I think I would be nervous too.
  • babahunnybabahunny Posts: 96
    h2b is here so its a bit risky at the mo dont want him to see so ill sleep on it and maybe ill send it you tomorrow, it is my first fitting tho it was a little too big and wel i didnt have my tiara or make up or hair done but you get the idea lol xxniht girls xxx
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Goodnight babahunny
  • mine is 'starburst by Imogene' no pic as yet but will post one up when I can

  • KouklaMooKouklaMoo Posts: 700
    Wow, everyone's chosen such gorgeous dresses. Mine is "Tara" by Trudy Lee 57001. It was the first dress I tried on!!! I just fell in love with it. x

  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296

    Kazza75's dress
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