long wait for your dress?

Hi, i'm just starting to stress about the time it's taking for my dress to come back to the shop!!

i orded it in february and when i rang the shop last weekend i was told it was in the delivery that was on it's way. they have still not contacted me to say it has arrived and i'm stressing!!!

how long did people wait for their dress to arrive?

also i'm doing quite a bit of changes to it so need the time for that!! i'm leaving the country in 6 weeks!!!

sorry just letting of steam!

s x-


  • hmwinterhmwinter Posts: 17
    I'm starting to stress about mine too - I ordered it at the beginning of January and am getting in just over 6 weeks!!!! I need some alterations done, and the shop hasn't even had a delivery date yet!!!
  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    they do take long. mine takes twenty weeks and i ordered it in feb. just hold on a little longer im sure it will come
  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Don't worry too much. I ordered mine in November, and they rang to say it'd arrived last week. Have they told you an ETA on when it should be due? xx
  • Amandajuk1Amandajuk1 Posts: 14
    I was told mine would take 6 months - ended up taking 6 and a half. Ordered it at the end of October and it arrived mid May. Having my second (and hopefully last) fitting tomorrow as we leave in under 2 weeks!
  • I just got the call this morning saying it's here!!! (EEK!!! - cant even remember what it looks like now!!!) i ordered it in end of jan - might of been beginning of feb actually.

    didn't feel a long wait though.

    cant believe i've gotta go get fitted sooon!!! eek!!!

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    sorry guys - mine took nine months....!

    Ordered it 23rd July last year and it arrived in April. I was getting very worried about it but now it's here, have had one fitting and am having my last on on July 6th!
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