Help I need a Jenny Packham Papillon

Hi, I am Australian and getting married in December (Australian Summer). I have fallen completely in love with the Jenny Pachkam Papillon but there is only one shop in Melbourne that stocks it and it is ridiculously overpriced. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell or can they suggest anywhere that I could buy it from at a reduced price? My sister is in England for the next month and could pick it up for me??

Help - I really really want it. Thanks


  • HellytHellyt Posts: 652

    Have you considered a second hand website?

    Good luck finding your dress.

  • MoocherukMoocheruk Posts: 9
    Thanks for the link. I have been looking for second hand websites but hadn't come across this one. Unfortunately that dress is too big. I need a 10-12. I'll keep looking and hoping!
  • Hi

    I tried this dress on in a shop in Cheltenham called Wedding Days. Beware though it looks much more beautiful on the hanger than it does on but that could just be me! Not sure of the price though sorry.

  • dimenziesdimenzies Posts: 246
    I have Jenny Packham - Carmen that I will be selling after my wedding in October if you're interested. It's a size 12 in Oyster
  • MoocherukMoocheruk Posts: 9
    Thanks Pinksunshine. I do love the Carmen also but I have only seen it online. I'm not sure if the shop here has a Carmen for me to try on so it might be taking a bit of a risk - seeing as my Wedding is in December. I will see if I can try one and get back to you. How much would you want for it? Would you be happy to send to me in Australia via post?
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