please reassure!

Oh god, our wedding day is in 29 days and am having a major panis about my dress. I really liked in when i brought it but since seeing photo of me in it i have really gone off it!!!

I have been looking on ebay at other dresses and h2b has just told me off for even thinking about buying another dress after spending so much on original. Don't know what to do!

Should i just buy another and not tell him! hehehe!


  • FegirlukFegirluk Posts: 527
    I'm sure you look fab and just having wobbles!

    Why don't you post a picture of you in it and we can all give you an honest answer?

  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Yes let's see the pic
  • flutterbryflutterbry Posts: 233
    I wanna see a pic too, and i BET you look lovely. Just wondering do you get married on Fri 25th July? If so we're date twins!!xxx
  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159

    If you can show us a picture we can tell you honestly what we think.

    This may be just wedding nerves.

    I wouldn't worry. Hubby to be not seen the dress has he?

    Best wishes.

  • Ok here goes!

    Went to try it on again today and I am altering how it hunches up at the side slightly and adding more beading round those areas. Hope this will help!

    It will not attach ahhh!

    Here is web address instead:

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  • EmCBEmCB Posts: 1,390
    Oh honey, what a stunning bride! You look gorgeous! I love the shape it gives you. Don't panic! I'm getting married Friday 25th July, I've had two dress wobbles in about the space of a week, but I know I look the most amazing I ever will in my life, let's face it, BIG WHITE DRESS, YAY!!! You're panicking because it's such a big deal. You mustnt let it get to you. I promise, you look beautiful. I love the ruched top of your dress too! x x x
  • pink_kimmy23pink_kimmy23 Posts: 136
    you look really pretty and your dress is lovely - are you sure your just not worrying to much and got ya self into a panic - i honestly think you look great try not to worry!! xx
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    I love your dress!! Please listen to us, we are being sincere. You look beautiful in your dress!! Its so pretty!!
  • ghtobeghtobe Posts: 125
    you look gorgeous in this dress... rem, you'll have make up , hair, tan flowers.. i always find no matter what the occasion when you try on a dress of any type you never feel absolutely great til youre 'dolled up' and in this dress you already look fab. The shap is perfect with your small waist. Go with it
  • toniwoty2009toniwoty2009 Posts: 460
    what are you worrying for? it lovely, and you look stunning.

  • playmateukplaymateuk Posts: 153
    You look gorgeous in the dress - you don't need to worry at all!

    Are you in Merryhill Brides in those pics? If it is - the girls in there were great when i tried dresses in there and were very honest so I can honestly say they wouldn't have sold you the dress if it didn't look good on you!

    You will be a stunning bride on the big day!
  • billstoolbillstool Posts: 111
    It is a stunning dress - your waist is tiny! Seriously, you've nothing to worry about image
  • Thank you girls.

    I am getting it from Merry Hill Brides and I have to agree the staff have been fantastic.

    Feel bit better about it today especially after noticing all the other dress wobbles on this site!

    yes my wedding is 25th July - so think we are date triplets EmB and flutterbry!!! So excited now but so many little bits to tie up-are you two the same?
  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    You look so beautiful! I hope I look as good when I have my next fitting!!!

  • stunning..........thats you and the dress !!!!

  • MariaMariaukMariaMariauk Posts: 244 New bride
    theres obviously a reason you chose this dress in the first place, so be confident in that initial gut instinct that im sure you felt when you bought it ... you're just getting yourself worried as its getting closer to the day.

    You look perfect in the pic and you'll look amazing on the day.... your H2B is a lucky guy!!!

  • jennywintersjennywinters Posts: 137
    Ive had lots of wobbles about my dress too - its normal i think as is such a special day. But ive looked at your pic and you look lovely, so nothing at all to worry about. Stop thinking about it now and sort out everything else you need to do for the big day. Enjoyimage
  • What a stunning dress I love the back and you have a fantastis figure - you look stunning and I love your hair too x
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