Oh poo!! need your help ladies...

I now know I have found THE dress...it's the first one I tried on. I am on a tight budget and my plan was to go round the shops, suss out what styles suited me and then order from the US. I found an alfred angelo style I liked, so that all went according to my plan. Then today I went back to try on again and I didn't like it...I didn't get any feelings and I now I know why I wasn't getting the 'the one' feeling...because it wasn't 'the one'. My problem is, the one I love is by white rose- not available any where on the internet I also would have to pay more than the marked up bride because I am plus sized...25% on top of the dress price plus alterations. Its way out of budget. Now I am gutted, I know its the one.

I am thinking of having a similar one made or going to Milly Bridal but I am scared the detailing will be wrong... I love to hear from someone who's used Milly Bridal...what are they like with detailing? what makes me laugh is the dress in the shop was from china in the first place...it had a chinese label on it! What should I do??? PLEASE help...I swore I wasn't a BRIDEZILLA but i am having a mare!!


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    This probably won't help, but I think that if it's THE ONE then you shuld have it! Is there anyway that you can cut back on anything else so that your whole budget is not blown? If I were you I'd work out what excactly is important to you more than anything els ein your day then work out the budget accordingly. For instance, I wanted really nice suits for the men, so we've paid a bit more than we budgeted, but for the fower girls I brought really cheap dreeses as I felt that they'd only get filthy anyway!!

    Work out what's best for you hun

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    I've ordered a White Rose dress through a bridal shop in Hertfordshire. However, I've since found another shop (also in Herts) which also stocks White Rose which doesn't charge extra for alterations if you order your dress from them (too late for me by the time I found that one out!). Are you sure about the extra charge for plus size? My dress is a size 18 and I don't remember anyone saying anything about it costing less if I'd ordered a size 10...

    Which dress is it? I had a white rose dilemma - both my faves were by them.
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    Find out how many dress sizes the dress can be increased by - it depends on the dress, but it can usually be at least let out by one size....You might then be able to work it so that you can get into the cheaper price range....

    If you use the forum search button for 'Milly Bridal', you'll find lots of people who've used them, and some original and replica examples. I've heard lots of positive comments...

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    Thanks Ladies,

    This problem is driving me mad! I keep telling myself the dress isn't that important blah blah but its so upseting when you know you've found the one and you can't have it!!

    Sunshine- There is no way we can afford the dress hun- I talked to h2b about it yesterday. We've cut quite a lot of corners as it is...we have two little ones and are getting married on a budget, we don't have that much to spend but really want to get married plus we are paying for everything ourselves. I really wish I'd never tried it on! I was naive and didn't think I'd fall for it!!:\)

    MrsMoye2b- Its dress 392 or wp104 which is the plus size style number. I love it!! I also love wp113 which is also gorgeous. I think the pictures of their dresses do them no justice at all but in real life they are so beautiful. That shop you mentioned sounds good- what is the name of it? The plus size charge is from a size 22 upwards. I am a normal clothes size 16-18 and tried on a 20 in the shop. It was the lower price. I'd need a size up and that is more expensive. I would however buy a size 20 and diet into it because its just a little bit too small and I wanna lose weight anyway, however, even at the lower price I still can't afford it. I have emailed the suppliers and asked if there are any samples available for sale at a lower price anywhere...is that a sad thing to do? I couldn't decide wether I should or not and then figured I have nothing to loose!! What dress do you have??

    Mrs Wilde2b- The Milly bridal feedback does look really great...I might just go for it if I can't get the actual dress...

    Thanks again Ladies!


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