To petticoat or not to petticoat?

Hello fellow brides2b

I have a dilemma. I've bought a beautiful A-line skirt and bodice for my wedding and don't know if I should wear a petticoat.

One bridal shop has told me it's essential to stop the dress sticking to my legs and another says I don't have to wear anything if I don't want to. I would like to have some shape to the skirt but am also worried that a petticoat will be too hot to wear and/or too bulky. Would a cotton petticoat with one hoop be enough? There are so many different types.

Arrggghhh! Please help-any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Lupin x


  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    have u tried the skirt on with and without the petticoat? which eva u feel comfy in? if its a- line i wudnt think it needed a petticoat!! i wudnt go 4 1 with 1 hoop it will stick out in the middle and flop on the bottom? or where ever u had the hoop it wud do the same!!! best thing to do is go and try them on again?? hope this helps best of luck xx
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I have an A line skirt too that's quite full already and didn't see the need for a petticoat but once I got one on it did make a difference. It meant my legs were free to walk and like the lady said it stopped the dress from sticking to them. It does make the dress a little fuller but overall the shape stays the same. I'm really glad I went for one. I suggest the same as Antonia - try it on again with and without the petticoat and see which is more confortable for you.

  • kinterhousekinterhouse Posts: 150
    Hi. Thanks a lot for the advice. I will do that and see which I prefer.

    All the best

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