This is my dress on the left hopefully you can see it! The skirt is all veil material so i thought not to have one but some friends think i should try one as it might just make the dress!!

Anyway prob is that i got my dress 5 hours away in essex in a sale (1500 off worth the drive!) and its now at my mums. How would i go about trying a veil on i would feel cheeky taking it into a shop and asking cos i didnt get my dress from there!

Any ideas greatfully recieved!

Amy xx


  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    well why not try ebay for a very cheap one to see on with the dress and gove you an idea how you feel about it. I would definitely only go for a small one though in view of the skirt.

    Love the dress by the way!
  • Thats not a bad idea actually! I love ebay thanks! xx
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Can you borrow one from a friend? Just to try on....if you like it it could be your "Something borrowed"

    x x x
  • kirsti225kirsti225 Posts: 228
    I got my veil from a different shop. I said I wanted to colour match it with my dress and they were fine with me returning it if it wasn't right. It turned out to be fine, but I'm sure you could try that if you don't see anything on ebay.

  • weepeeukweepeeuk Posts: 86
    i'm going to be honest with you and tell you that I felt unwelcome going in to shops for a veil only. I actually got my dress off ebay after trying it on in a v.v.expensive shop!!! (Got it nearly £2000 chuffed am i?!) However, my experience was that when I went to different shops, because it is such an expensive dress, they weren't really overjoyed to just sell me a veil, they wanted to sell me accessories, tiara, the lot. I ended up buying a veil that I wasn't sure about- and still am not- just to have one. It was £125 and on ebay you can buy them for about £50. I rang the shop about a month ago (i bought it at easter) and they wouldn't refund it. how mean!!

    I really wish I'd thought of ebay sooner for the veil, but I wanted the option of trying on lots of different lengths and styles with my dress. That part is the advantage because it gives you a really good idea of what you like and what will look well with your dress.

    fyi, the veil I bought is like coleen mc loughlin's, with the satin ribbon round it. I love it on her, just not sure about it on me!!

    I would advise you to ring round a few shops and gauge their reaction first before going in with a dress you bought elsewhere xx
  • StephJ23StephJ23 Posts: 1,673
    I got mine from and custom designed my own. Its pretty reasonable too!
  • julz5483julz5483 Posts: 2,633
    as steph above says about the wedding veil shop. why not go looking for a style u like in shops but purchase online.

    my opinion on ur style dress you would be better with a shorter length veil perhaps an elbow or fingertip length.

    also if u don't want a veil then don;t have one it's ur head & ur big day. not everyone wears one. i never thought i'd wear one until i tried on in a shop & fell in love
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