Matching bridesmaids

:\?What does everyone think of my 4 bridesmaids having EXACTLY the same dress and EXACTLY the same shoes? Im not sure about it.


  • Hey alex,

    Ive got 4 bridesmaids too and im going to be having them in matching dresses and shoes, i just think it would look nice in the photos and everyone would know they were the bridesmaids as they wearing the same thing.:\)

  • ALEX377ALEX377 Posts: 129
    Thats what I thought, but I just wanted a second opinion
  • 3mmalou3mmalou Posts: 257
    definately, it doesn't look quite right when they don't match, just my opinion though!
  • I'm having three in matching everything and hope to get my little girl something made in the same sort of colours and maybe design as I want her to stand out from other children there
  • PurpleSpringPurpleSpring Posts: 2,897
    My 2 adult and 11 year old bridesmaid are wearing the same dress and my flower girl is wearing the same colour but a cute tradition style with sash by the same designer. I want them to look right in the photo's! It was bloody hard to find a dress that flatters different body shapes, but we cracked it xxx
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