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Time for fittings etc

MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
Hi everyone,

I ordered my dress (a Maggie Sottero dress) on Saturday and I have been told it will arrive mid-November. The wedding is on the 7th December so it's going to be a bit of a tight squeeze trying to sort out fittings etc.

I was just wondering how long most people got their dresses before their weddings, and how long fittings actually take etc? They've said that they can do the fittings as a priority if it does come a bit late, but I'd just like my mind to be put at ease that it wont be a problem!!

The reason the timescale is so short is because we booked our venue for much earlier than originally planned!

Also, how do fittings work? Do they do the alterations with you there or do you go back?

Thank you in advance!! x


  • soon2bewsoon2bew Posts: 304

    I'm getting married 19th July 08, my dress arrived last week!!! i've just had my 1st fitting, they told me to go back next sat 5th July and the dress should be almost to my exact measurements then, if not it won't be a problem they'll just get me back in a couple of days later.

    My bridesmaids are due to go back 1 week b4 for there final fittings, i am a little worried but its there problem its up to the shop to make make sure all the dresses fit perfectly!!

  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    Thanks for the info. Hope everything works out well for you!

    If mine gets in right on time there'll be three weeks for fittings. Hope that's enough! I'm not sure if there's a possibility of it coming in early.
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