What colour for groom buttonhole - advice pls!

Hi there,

I would really like your advice - my colour scheme is green and ivory, but im adding a few pink 'heaven' roses into my bouquet to freshen things up. The male part of the wedding party is mainly wearing ivory with an ivory buttonhole and the best man will be in a green tie. My H2B is wearing a green tie and ivory waistcoat to make him stand out, but I can't decide on what he should have for his buttonhole... Should he have an ivory rose, or a pink heaven one to tie in with my bouquet? Will green and pink look a bit too much when put directly next to each other? Help please!

Thanks x


  • Beckley26Beckley26 Posts: 78
    Have you asked your florist? personally I would go for the green and ivory in his button hole, but that is my personal opinion. My H2B is having a thistle with a Red rose as my scheme is red and ivory and we are scottish and it is nice to have a thistle.

    I am sure what ever you choose will be lovely. This is probably no help, but good luck
  • NgmNgm Posts: 171
    hi bridemagic - I'm having the exact same colour scheme to you!!

    I love green and pink together, so am having mainly green & ivory, but with accent colour of pinks. My BMS are in green with few pinks roses in their bouquet, and have green ties for all the groomsmen & groom.

    I was going to have cream roses for button holes, but am now thinking about green carnations. I'm going to do a trial run soon to see which I prefer.
  • jennywintersjennywinters Posts: 137
    Hi mulletmitchell, Great to hear that someone else is having same colour scheme as me. What are you having for your bouquet?

    My BMs are in glass green alfred angelo dresses and they are having ivory gerberas, while im having ivory roses, pale pink roses and green foliage to pull it together. I'm slightly worried that my pink accents at the church will look like it is not following any particular colour scheme as it will only be me with pink if i use ivory buttonhole for my H2B. However, at the reception im using pink and cream gerberas and roses. Do you think this will all fit together OK?

    Green carnations could be cool - let me know what you decide.
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