Dune wedding shoes - looking for discount code...

Can anyone help!

I am getting married on the 2nd August and still haven't got round to buying my shoes. I plan to buy a pair from Dune and noticed yesterday on their website that there you can get a discount on Dune wedding shoes of 20% if you buy this month's Cosmo Bride (offer ends tomorrow).,

I have been to 3 shops since yesterday and haven't been able to pick up this mag. I will go to a couple more shops after work but as theoffer runs out tomorrow does anyone have the discount code?

Here's hoping!



  • Type BRIDE in the promo box x

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  • Laura_BukLaura_Buk Posts: 458
    Has anyone worn any dune wedding shoes yet? I've seen some lovely ones, just wondering how comfortable they are?
  • sophia000sophia000 Posts: 16
    FYI - Dune has a sale at the moment and some of the wedding shoes are on sale. Do you know which shoes you were after?
  • Laura_BukLaura_Buk Posts: 458
    yes I did see these in the sale:


    stunning, but not sure how my feet would be after wearing these all day?
  • MrsPhilp2BMrsPhilp2B Posts: 331
    Dune have their half price sale on and my wedding shoes are now only £44!! Much crying from me seeing I paid £99. Never mind!

    They are the really high pink ones with the diamonte soles with a peep toe front. They are gorgeous and I also got my Engagement party shoes from Dune as well (Wedding Ones) and they were really really comfy!! Definately recommend having a look!
  • Thanks for the code! I have now bought them - £76 instead of £95! A great saving. Let's hope they are comfy.

    Thanks again.
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