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It's taken me 7 years to find MY scent. After years of trying and testing fragrances i've fallen in love with Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. I love it and have worn it every day for the last year.

But now I need a frangrance for my wedding day...I want something similar but I don't know what. I hate going into boots perfume counter because after a couple of smells everything then just smells horrible.

I would love some suggestions for some perfumes for my wedding day...




  • I had the same problem!! I have gone for Jean Paul Gaultier classique. It is a strange smell when you first apply but brilliant for an all day thing - i.e wedding!! It is so lovely when warmed up on your skin and you are constantly catching whiffs of it all day. I have worn it for a couple of days to try it out and had compliments both times. I have never worn it before and don't know anyone who wears it so I'm hoping after wearing it on the day it will always remind me of our wedding!! Hope that helps - best tip anyway would be to try a new one every time you go to the shops and leave it on all day to get a true idea of what it's like. xxxxx
  • What about avon i get lots of my frangrnces from there. If you do try rare gold it cost £10 at the min there is far away paradise it new and lovely good luck xx
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    if u like chanel scents chanel chance is amazing xx
  • jeanieukjeanieuk Posts: 207
    Hello I was on the hunt for a new fabulous perfume and found it at last! It is Gucci by Gucci and in a black square bootle with gold lid. It smells gorgeous and now I just have to resist using it for 68 days until the big day! Give it a whiff you may love it too. good luckx
  • I normally wear Chanel Allure, but have gone for the original Vera Wang for my wedding. Vera Wang does a number of different ones, all of which are supposed to be very good "wedding" fragrances. Good luck! xx
  • Ive also gone for vera wang, princess, it's so yummy and lasts all day! xx
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    Just a thought - if coco mademoiselle is YOUR scent, why do you need to change it for your wedding day?!

    I actually use CM aswell, day in, day out, and wouldn't dream of changing it for my wedding day! Scent is quite a personal thing and you associate smells with people, so it would seem weird for me to change for that day!

    Each to their own though and I guess it would be nice to have a smell that you associate with your wedding day! how about Clinique happy?
  • MrsVGreen2BMrsVGreen2B Posts: 114
    Oh... I never thought of it that way!!! I suppose at least I wouldn't have to spend any more money so my Huby to be would be happy and at least I would small like me!!!

    Thank you
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