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Hi Girls, Fitting was this morning, just one more to go on the 21st of July now and thats me sorted.

My dress is Ronald Joyce 56026, looks pinky in the photos but is ivory/ivory, very creamy. I love it.

I am wearing a 3 hoop but we will be removing the top hoop as the apron swag of fabric isn't sitting right with the top hoop under it. It should lie across my bum but is all bunched up. Saying that, it fits great. And I love love love my dress. Will have a tiara and hair up in a roll on the day. Went with the mid-length veil in the end, as it was more flattering. Ignore the rabbit in headlights face hee hee... So excited now!!!!!! :\)

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  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898

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  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    You look stunning huni! you must be so excited
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Ty!! I'm really excited. I think espec since its July tomorrow! Times flying by now image
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    OMG - You are so pretty!!!!!! image

    Three hoops?? It must be hot under there??!!! image
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Thanks Soon to be Missus. The hoop is really good, it actually keeps the dress off the legs so feels quite weightless. We were having a laugh about how I'll need shaken out at the end of the nite to check I haven't swished past any children and lost them in there! LOL
  • Fab dress, i love the volume that the under skirt creates aswell! looks gorgeous hun xx
  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989
    you look fab!! the dress is gorg! (can you tell i can't spell) lol

    jojo x x
  • emmagroeemmagroe Posts: 455
    Wow what a princess dress, you look great - I also get married in July (26th) and am so excited that tomorrow will be the month I get married!
  • ALEX377ALEX377 Posts: 129
    You look lovely, I love princess dresses
  • Yeah i'm another one whos wedding date is the 26th of july, couldnt read your whole post mj's because of the advert, not very long left girls!! x
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    I'm actually getting married August 1st, but feel I can't really count August and therefore July is my scary milestone! image

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, I himmed and haaed over my princess dress, at 29 with 2 kids I felt maybe I didn't exactly deserve one if that makes sense. But I am so glad I went with the dream now. Htb has no clue and I am 100% sure that he expects me in a slinky satin number. Boy is he in for a surprise.

    Bonus is, I know he'll adore it as he has a thing about women in period costume, think Marie Antoinette! lol
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