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Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me, my dress is in stock and they want me to go for a fitting. My wedding day is 30th August 2008, I just wanted to know if this is too early as I dont want to pay for the fitting and then get another dress fitting nearer the date where I will have to pay again if

my size changes slightly.

Thank you


  • MrsVGreen2BMrsVGreen2B Posts: 114
    I'm getting married on the 9th August and I'm having my fitting on 10th July. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited.

    i think it is a little early, but then you might have to be fiited twice anyway.

    Why don't you ask the question with your shop? They may just ask you to come in at the end of July instead.

    My fittings are in with the price of the dress.

    hope this helps
  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159

    I have been advised to have two dress fittings in October. One to alter my underwear and make sure it fits when the dress has finally been made and the other is the final fitting prior to bringing the dress home.

    I am not getting married until November.

    So I would leave it till later if you want to rather than have to pay for your fittings.

    Let the shop know you will be going nearer the wedding date for your fitting. Have you checked your contract to see whether they have any terms about fittings?

    Best wishes.

  • PurpleSpringPurpleSpring Posts: 2,897
    Maybe they are just inviting you to try it on. My dress arrived a month ago and they shop asked me to come in for a fitting, when I said it was too soon, they said it's never too soon to try it on. It was great to try my actual dress on!
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