Fur/FauxFur Wrap

I am getting married in Feb 07 and there is not heating in the church, so i would like to find a wrap to keep warm. Does anyone know where I could find a good selction of fur or faux fur wraps? Thanks!


  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    I've seen them in Debenhams (London, Oxford St) but I'm sure they'd be in any of their bigger branches. They do look v cosy!
  • kinterhousekinterhouse Posts: 150

    I have got a couple of feather shrugs from e bay but am not sure if they will be warm enough for my winter wedding.

    I've been in touch with a girl who makes faux fur stuff: http://fauxplay.co.uk/index.asp

    She's really nice and helpful and the prices aren't bad so will be getting something warmer from her. I think I will get a cape as I don't think goosebumps are very flattering image

    Hope this helps

    Lupin x
  • Hi

    There are a few different styles on www.faux.uk.com or there's always ebay US!

    Good luck xx
  • Aude22Aude22 Posts: 7
    Thank you Lupin and Cathy Sparkle! :\) I just saw the mink bolero on faux.uk.com and I think it is exactly what I need!! Thank you both for your suggestions! xxx
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