Hi need some help with shoes......has anyone ordered any shoes online and if so can they recommend any good web sites. Something for a very tight budget would be useful thanxx


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    I ordered my shoes from henry kaye at - I got them from the essential collection model 2263 I think - they were only 24.95 so good for a tight budget!!! Nothing particularly outstanding but with a floor length dress you only see the toe at the VERY most and now I am goign to get them dyed to wear for other things too! Hope it helps. There are loads of websites of reasonable prices for shoes so I am sure you'll get other advice - GOOD LUCK! image
  • thats great thanks.....going to have a look now. u have the same idea as me...i want a pair of shoes i can dye afterwards as well!
  • Hiya,

    I found Bhs really good for shoes (not sure what the online shop is like though). They started at £25 and went up to £40. There were three pairs I really liked and the heal isn't too high-perfect for all day wearage! They had a good range of pointies, round and slightly squarer toed shoes and some plainer than others.

    Next have a couple of pairs too. Slightly plainer and a bigger heal though.

    Hope that helps!
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    Let me know if you find anything spanner!!!
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    spanner - try weddingshoesdirect - that where I got mine and they were only £50. They look fab as well and they have a huge selection. I think they were delivered in a few days.
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    hi, i found some in topshop! some great white leather ones for£55 really cool big button on them! ha

    but they didn't fit me so still looking, but they'll be great for anyone they fit!
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