dress shopping alone???

MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
would you or have you gone to look at and try on wedding gowns alone?

I am thinking of doing this as getting my Mum down here is proving to be a nightmare and my Sister is always busy on the weekends I'm not!

is it really saaaaddd???!!!

Julie xxx


  • -Samiana--Samiana- Posts: 69
    Hello Julie,

    I always take someone with me, but I'm quite indecisive. I did see a numbeer of b2b on their own though. I wouldn't worry about it, whatever makes you happy!

    To be honest, I really missed having the other half around. He comes shopping with me nearly all the time and is very honest. I'm scared I'll walk down in the ailse in something he hates.

    I decided a while ago that I didn't want a strapless dress and luckily for me at a recent wedding he told me he didn't like them!

    Sam x
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    Thanks Sam!

    I just called the shop and made the appointment, I'm going! I don't like shops when they're very busy and they said they are particularly quiet today so its ideal. I told them I was on my own too and they didn't laugh or sound like I was mad!

    Thank you again

  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I did my first dress shopping trip alone by choice as I didn't want other peoples opinions to sway me too much. I wanted to have some idea of what suited me or what I liked etc. without someone else saying oh that's lovely when I didn't think it was. I think it really helped!! GOOD LUCK let us know how it goes!! I actually found my dress on my own and then arranged for my mum to come up a couple of weeks later to see it with me and make the decision together so go for it! image
  • alisonukalisonuk Posts: 39
    Hi Joo

    I also went dress shopping alone, it is really hard to get people together at the same time.

    Once I had narrowed it down to a couple, My sister, and Mother in law to be came to give opinions. I tend to know what suites me and prefer to go shopping for everyday clothes alone, so shopping for a wedding dress alone was okay for me.

    Good luck
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    hi joo,

    yes i went shopping for dresses alone as my mum died in 2004. my partners mum offered to come with me but i didnt feel right in doing it. i dont think my mum would have minded but thats just me.

    it depends on if you want someone or not.

    anyway on a brighter note i feel that if i had taken someone with me they would have given their opinion and maybe i wouldnt have gonefor what i have.

    i fell in love a dress by JUSTIN ALEXANDER (designer). it was over £1000 and my dad said he wasnt paying that for something i'd wear for a few hours.

    i spoke to a friend that is a dressmaker, she got a photo of this dress, found a pattern that was very similar but different if that makes sense. i liked it and she is making it for me at a cost of £80 plus material of £75. bonus.

  • i've done the majority by myself - i went researching all by myself, then when it came to deciding i took my bridesmaids that could make it!

    my reason for going alone was because i work better like this! my mum cant be arsed to do ANY of the wedding with me and my sis (bridesmaid) is too in to herself at the mo (18yrs old!!!) and my 2 other bridesmaids live too far way!!!

    oh wo is me!!!

  • shunafroodshunafrood Posts: 252
    I went shopping on my own too, and while I felt a bit silly at first (the first shop I went to expressed surprise that I was on my own but were still very friendly and helpful) I soon relaxed and got into it.

    I just want to make sure I try on lots and lots of options, and don't want to exhaust the goodwill of my friends. My mum drives me mad so we would just end up arguing, so I would prefer to bring them all along when I have made a shortlist for second opinions.

    I saw a couple of other girls on their own too, and in one shop I went into the staff said I was doing it the right way by going on my own first of all.

    I'm pleased I finally went as I was so nervous about it! I was worried that nothing would fit me (I am a dress size 14 usually) but plenty did. I think I found 'the dress' too.

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  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877

    I tried going with a friend at first, but we disagreed loads on the dresses, and I thought it'd be easier on my own, so went back a few days later and found it so much more relaxing! Managed to find the one aswell, so worked out loads better!


  • ann_mcpann_mcp Posts: 10
    I started dress shopping with friends but found it really difficult to find Saturdays when we were all free and I could actually get an appointment at the dress shops. In the end I bought me dress on my own at the Jenny Packham shop. I work 10mins away from the Jenny Packham shop which is perfect for going on my lunch break If you can go midweek, the shops are so much quieter and more pleasant and the staff have loads more time too.
  • vpenningtonvpennington Posts: 134
    I can sympathise - I have bridesmaids that are all cancelled on me at the last minute. So I took H2B with me. We had a great time and at least I know what he likes. I have made a shortlist of the ones we both liked and I wont let him know which dress I am buying. As we are both paying for this wedding, why shouldn't we both have input into the wedding clothes? I mean I bet all of you will choose his outfits!
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