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Has anyone ordered BM dresses from Venus Bridal?

I ordered my BM dresses in July from a shop in Warrington. I was told they would arrive in December. When it got to mid December and I hadn't heard anything, my fiance rang the shop to ask if they had any info. They said that the dresses will arrive in Jan. Now today I have spoken to another stockist of Venus bridal who I trust to be telling the truth, and she was very surprised the dresses haven't arrived yet. Anyone ordered these dresses and had a similar prob or ordered from a shop in Warrington?


  • mrsS1258mrsS1258 Posts: 459
    Hi, I live in Devon and ordered my Venus bridesmaid dresses from a local bridal shop back in October/November time; I hate to say it, but i collected mine from the shop on Wednesday! The shop were surprised that they had arrived so early though as they anticipated their arrival in February time. If I were you, I would get on their case as it is obviously not a problem from Venus. I did have a similar problem with the wedding rings though, where i was told that they would take a week to 10days to arrive and i didnt receive them until 4weeks after ordering them- and i had paid the full amount upfront. All i did was continue to pester them, getting firmer with them each time but remaining reasonable and polite.

    Hope all goes well for you Lynne x
  • I went to the bridal shop today...the dresses have arrived!!! They thought they would leave it until the new year before telling me. What!?! Just glad they are in the shop. Girls will have their fitting first week of Jan. Hurrah!
  • mrsS1258mrsS1258 Posts: 459
    Exellent! Glad that they have finally arrived for you! Just out of interest, which ones did you get in the end?
  • This is the style of the dresses, but I have got them in really red with bow in the same colour. I also ordered the matching wraps as my dress comes with a wrap so I thought we could all coordinate. Have you got venus dresses?
  • mrsS1258mrsS1258 Posts: 459
    Hi, sorry, dont see which ones you mean- did you mean to post a link to them? Here is the link to my BM dresses, although I swear that they are a lot more clingy than they look in the picture. Dont think brown does them any justice either - i have them in "victorian rose pink", really pretty colour. i paid £120 each for them, which in my opinion is pretty good - certainly cheaper than most in Monsoon etc!

    I havent gone for a wrap as I personally felt it can be a bit of a nuisance with bags and flowers as well, but thats just me - simple is as simple does!image
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