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will my dress be too big?

i ordered my dress in august but since then i have lost just over a stone, the shop ordered me a size 16 but im size 14 trousers are too big. in the contract of the wedding dress it says not to loose too much weight as they can only take in 2inchs so what do i do, do i leave it and hope for the best or do i call the shop and say i have lost weight, but im scared they will turn round and say that they will have to order another one for me in a smaller size but i have to pay for the full price as i have gone against the contract. help anyone.


  • Firstly,

    well done with your weight loss, good on you. Did they say why the dress cannot be taken in more than two inches? Will it ruin the design?

    If not and the shop just doesn't want to do that much work, I would see if you could get somebody else to do the alterations for you on your original dress. I made it quite clear when I ordered my dress that I would be picking up the dress when it arrives and that either my Mum or MIL will be doing any alterations that maybe needed.

    I think you should ring the shop to see what they suggest and if they say that they will not be able to take it in any more than 2 inches ask why not. Try any find somebody that can do the alterations for you independantly. It might work out cheaper than getting the shop to do it and saves you from ordering another dress.

    Hope that helps,

    Vee xxx
  • I lost just over a stone before picking up my dress, yet the only place it's now too big is on my bust!!! I am not letting the shop do the alterations though, they haven't been very helpful with anything else so don't trust them, I've got the same lady who's doing my bridemaid dresses to alter it - either that or have a boob-job before my wedding!!!!

    Dont worry too much till you've tried the dress on, well done with your weigh loss, you deserve paise, not stress!!!!

  • they didnt say to me face to face that they can only take 2 inches in but it says in the small print of the contract. yes ill have to look around for someone to take it in for me. thanks anyway.
  • Good on you for losing the weight. I also had to sign a contract for my dress with details in the small print like if I lost or gained excessive weight I had to pay for alterations at £40 per hour and similarly if I got pregnant. I feel that sometimes shops put you under these dress contracts to make themselves feel more important. In the end they have had to take in about 4 inches on my bodice and take up 6 inches from the bottom and nobody said a word about extra work. Don't worry about it too much. At the end of the day you have paid for the dress and they should be working for you not against. Good luck! xxx
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    definitely look around for someone else to alter it.

    unless it's very detailed (and I mean really, really, really detailed), it's simply not true that 2" is the max it can be let out.

    It's just harder to do. And takes longer.

    If anything I'd take it as a warning sign that the dress shop are either lazy, or not very good.

    That said, they might have had problems in the past if they've made a loss because someone wouldn't pay what it cost to do the alteration, so they've decided it's not worth the hassle.
  • My shop ordered my dress in a 16, although I was on the cusp of a 12/14 because they said its far easier to take in, than out. They were very comfortabfle with taking in a whole size, plus they also said that "wedding dress sizes" are huge compared to normal, so you'd have to lose a huge amount of weight before it ever became a problem. Relax, feel proud of yourself, and I'm sure it'll be fine.
  • Welldone on loosing the weight. Again don't worry.

    I was "advised" to get my dress in the size I am now, though I knew full well I wouldn't be that size when I collect it. They also advised that they can take it down up to 2 sizes smaller - any more would ruin the shape of the dress. In the end I decided to go against their advice and ordered the dress in a size smaller so I still have the flexibility of it going down 2 sizes should I need it. I'm looking to have my first fitting around end of Jan so hopefully the 5 times a week at the gym will have paide off!!!
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