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Anyone hiring a dress?

Just thinking how i can stretch my budget and my cousin mentioned that she hired her stunning dress a few years ago. Not sure what i feel about doing that but does seem sensible in terms of getting a much more expensive dress than could afford to buy. Anyone else thinking about it???


  • Flick22Flick22 Posts: 144
    Hi Ness123,

    Im considering hiring too. The dress i want is £910 pounds and im wondering what i will do with the dress after it will only be put away somewhere! not sure where i can hire it from though and the sizes might be difficult to get the perfect fit! do you hvae any ideas of where to hire them from? what dresses do you like?
  • ellie182ukellie182uk Posts: 20
    IWe are on a tight budget and I've also thought about hiring but struggling to find shops in the preston area that do. I've seen an absolutely gorgeous tiara for sale at £30 in the charity shop but am I just being a cheap skate!
  • I live In Newcastle and I couldn't find places round here that do it either (although I didn't look very hard). Apparently dresses end up getting so dirty/get grass stains etc it ends up really expensive for the company, so most places have stopped doing it.

    Ellie- go get the tiara TOMORROW! It's not being a cheap skate- it's being a bargain hunter! I need a brooch for the sash on my dress- I bought one in the market for £1 yesterday!
  • Sounds like others are in the same boat as me...havent really found anywhere to hire from, just wondering if it was possible! Definately buy the tiara ellie - not cheapskate at all, what a great find i feel inspired to hit the charity shops! Am thinking might have to buy with the aim of selling afterwards if cant hire?! Will have another look around though. I really want a jenny packham style 'floaty' dress i think..... good luck with your hunting!
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    there are oxfam shops with bridal departments

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