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Do you really know "the one"???

Ok girls, I've been on 3 wedding dress shopping days and tried on several dresses. Every time I end up more confused and exhausted!

There are so many beautiful dresses out there - do you really know "the one" when you try it on??

I had a good idea what I wanted but now I'm so muddled up because every time I try on a different dress it will have a feature that I like that I hadn't thought about before image

How many of you out there knew your dress was "the one" and got that lovely tingly happy feeling and how many really really liked quite a few dresses and just had to pick one???



  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537
    HI, I was married a year ago now and chose my dress along time before that... lol

    I'd been to afew shops and tried ones I thought I'd liked from magazines, they were nice but not 'the one' I then decided to try on a random dress and it was 'the one' i knew because I just burst into tears (happy tears obviously) And to this day I don't regret my choice at all!!! (even though it's in a box wrapped in tissue paper) image

    wish I could wear it again!

    I'm sure you'll find 'the one' eventually, try and be a bit daring and try something on out of the ordinary! You never know, it may be 'the one'

    good luck


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  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    you just know - it's a lame answer but you do.

    I didn't cry - this doesn't mean I didn't like it - I loved it - I think I was trying to stop myself from jumping up and down and tearing the dress.

    Mum cried as she said she had never seen me beam as much as I did when I walked out of the fitting room!

    All I have thought about since I ordered it is the blinking dress!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the shopping and never feel pressured to please everyone else!

    x x x
  • I can sympathise. I found myself liking lots of very different dresses and getting quite confused too! One of the ladies in a dress shop said to me "you find your favourite and then keep looking for abit to see if you can beat it. When you can't, you know you've found the one" Do you have a bridesmaid/friend you could take along to be brutally honest with a second opinion? I was very fortunate to have a friend who was! I thought i'd found "the one" and then had a sudden change of heart. I phoned her in a panic and she came out in her lunch hour to look at me in both of them and confirmed my original choice was the right one. I am completely happy with my choice now and can't wait for it to come in to the shop!.image
  • I haven't even started looking yet and am terrified that I'm going to like something and order it only to come across another dress that I like more and then I'll spend my wedding day wishing I was wearing the other dress!

    What a nightmare. There are just so many dresses out there I feel like it's an impossible task really and I don't think my perfect dress even exists. I might end up trying to find a fabulous couturier and get a one off dress made just for me but this of course means lots of £££. I bet I go shopping now and find the perfect dress!! x x

  • xCalliexukxCalliexuk Posts: 69
    I didnt know it was the one to be honest!

    I tried on a few in one shop, and then visited another where I tried on loads and narrowed it down to 4. When I put the one I finally chose on, I didnt know it was 'the one' but over the next week or so I couldnt stop thinking about it! I then went back to try them on again, thinking I would fall in love with the dress and just 'know' but I didnt and felt disappointed. However, it stuck in my mind and I went back later that afternoon to try it on again, and it was then that I knew - it took a while but I just think I was scared of making a decision in case I made the wrong one!

    Now that I have ordered it I know I made the right choice, I just think it is scary at the time when you are surrounded by family and shop assistants - you dont know what to think!!
  • kinnearjkinnearj Posts: 223
    I went to two shops and my dress was the 6th one I tried on. In the first shop (Pronovias) I felt so down simply because I was expecting to get this rush of feeling and I got nothing. Even my mum didn't have much of reaction. They were all nice but just "nice". I thought maybe there was something wrong with me because I wasn't haveing a good reaction. THEN I went to Caroline Castigliano and OMG!! hehehe. It was the second dress I tried on and I instantly knew. It looked right. It felt right and I could actually feel myself welling up (I don't get teary that often so something was definitely up!) And my mum was in floods as well. hehehe. I decided then and there that was the dress and I refused then to look at any other dresses after that! Had my first fitting last Saturday and the dress fits like a glove. So pleased. One word of advice - don't let others try and persude you that the dress you are trying on is "the one" - you will know yourself. And have an open mind when you go dress hunting. I went in wanting vintage, very sleek as I thought that would suit me. I did not want strapless, corseted, full skirt - hehe guess what I went with in the end? yup the strapless, corseted, full skirt. So don't rule anything out! Good luck and happy hunting xx
  • Jane78, can I ask which dress you went for, was it called Beautiful?? That's one of my favourite dresses, but am a bit scared of going into Caroline Castigliano as I've heard so many horror stories about her London store!!
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    Is there any of the dresses that have stuck in your mind? If so maybe try those on and see if any of them sort of set off a sparkly feeling.

    I have to say i never went into a shop i searched online for hours and hours looking at different ones, like you got very confused then just as i was gonig to give up i came across it and i knew i had to have it, i didnt care about price or anythnig i just had to have it, when i got it and tried it on i was bouncing off the roof i was soo pleased, even now i keep trying it on, i literally try it on every two weeks! Madness i know but i think you do know when u have found it. Maybe try looking at the pictures online comparing the ones that stand out and then decide, it might help to find pictures of each one as it will be easier to compare when looking at piccies instead of trying to remember what you looked like. Other option i would say could work for you is go into the shops you liked certain dresses from take a pic of u in each one then compare this way it will give you more of an idea of what you want and if it looks right. Hope this helps.x
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    i knew

    when i tried no 'the' dress, all others just weren't compasrable, and i know if i canouldn't have had 'the one' then i would have disappointed.

    you will know when you try 'the one' on
  • kinnearjkinnearj Posts: 223
    James' Girl - I know Beautiful and it is just that!! - No I've gone for Katia. It is a bit like Carlotta but the bodice goes lower down to one side. I went to the Berners Street store and I've had nothing but great service from them. I've read some of the horror tales but honestly I haven't experienced any of this. A tip though is to give them a slightly earlier wedding date. I gave mine two weeks before actual date as I've to fly the dress home to Ireland the week before.
  • My tummy kept going round like a washing machine but in a good way but didn't actually realise that at the time because like Callie went back to look at it again. After leaving the shop and going to another shop I just ket comparing them to it and then knew that it was the one. it is such a big decision so if you dont get that feelin straight away but keep thinking bout it def keep going back and look at a few more if you are still thinking about it then it must be the one.

    I was just gutted that didn't experince the tears thing cause can be quite an emotional person at times and thought my mum was def going to however taking my nan next wk to see, cant wait to see it again, just gutted got a year to wait to wear it.

    Good luck finding the 1.x
  • Jane78, I have just made an appointment with the Berners Street store, I just can't wait!! My boss got married in Carlotta earlier this year, I'll keep my eye out for Katia I'm sure it's simply gorgeous. Thanks for the tip will keep it in mind when I go to my appointment!!
  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    I never ever thought I would find the right dress - I liked them all! Everyone told me i would know, and I would cry but I didn't. I only cried because I was so confused.

    I must have tried on over 20 dresses. In the end i narrowed it down to 3 - this was based not only on the dress and my budget but whether I liked the shop and the people helping me too! After all I will have to deal with them for fittings etc.

    In the end i wrote a big list of pros and cons for each - thats how i chose!

    I'm glad to say I'm confident I picked the right one now!

    Everyone is different. You will get your head round it eventually.
  • nic2410nic2410 Posts: 459
    I knew because I just couldn't bear to take it off! I had tried one on the week before that I loved and so did everyone who was with me and the shop lady, I was thinking about it all week, however the shop that I ordered my dress from had that sane dress as well and when I tried it on after my chosen dress it looked nothing in comparison, I knew that I had the right one then. Ones I loved in other shops I later couldn't even remember what they were like so they obviously weren't right. I couldn't have even considered leaving the shop without placing the order for the dress I chose (and not just because they were offering £200 selected dresses that weekend lol!). I was really worried I wouldn't know it was the one but I really did. The funny thing is I didn't even want to try it on because I didn't like it - the shop lady made me try on all sorts of styles that I said I didn't like and now I'm glad she did xx
  • rachybabe2rachybabe2 Posts: 51
    i knew it was the one when as i turned to look at myself in the mirror i burst into tears xx

  • rocksterukrocksteruk Posts: 112
    I went to three different shops and had a favourite dress in each shop and couldn't decide which was my favourite. I ended up getting really upset because although I loved the dresses I hadn't had the feeling that everybody says they have. My plan was to visit each shop again and then pick my favourote out of the three, but by chance I went to a different shop on a saturday afternoon with my mum and sister and fell in love with a dress in the window, went in tried it on and knew there and then that was my dress. Don't get me wrong i would of been more than happy to wear one of the other three, but the one i have ordered just flet like it had been made for me! I've got a dress fitting for it next Sat and can't wait to try it on again!
  • excitedgirlexcitedgirl Posts: 356
    annemariedoc, I know just how you feel! I'm going round in circles at the moment - I've lost count of how many dresses I've tried on and have come back to the same three, but none of them make me excited - I can't imagine myself wearing them, beautiful as they are. But then I don't know how much more looking I can take! I've had a look online (again) and I'm going to try another couple - if they don't come to anything then I might resort to making a list like Token_bug! Good luck with your searching - I've got my fingers crossed that the next one you try is THE ONE!
  • Thanks for your advice and stories! From what you've said I think I'll just need to keep persivering and hopefully I'll find my dress!

    I did try on lots of different styles the 1st time but the other 2 times I did try and stick to a certain style hoping that it would make it easier - which it didn't!

    I do love trying on all the pretty dresses but can't help but feel disheartened that I can't find the right dress for me! I think I'll need to stop pressurising myself and try to enjoy it more! 8\)

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  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    HIya image

    Had to join in... yes I got 'the one' feeling - i tried lots of dresses on, loads of styles and different budgets too - wanted to keep my options open while I looked...

    Anyway I ended up getting the most expensive one !!! oops !!

    James'Girl, I'm having 'Beautiful' by CC, and it really is my dream dress !

    Both my Mom and I cried (lots!!!) and I knew it was the one for me image

    I collect my dress tomorrow... yipeeeeee

    Good luck with your search, enjoy every minute - I didimage

    All the best, Emily image x
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