Found my BM dresses!!!!

4 of these for my lovely BMs!!! Just got to decide which size to get each of them. They need to be shortened a bit to just below knee (they are currently an annoying calf-length) but the seamstress in the Oxford Street concession said that shouldn't be a problem.

So happy as my colour-scheme is green and cream and these are PERFECT!!!


  • Those of my BM dresses too! Aren't they gorgeous. I am getting married in December, so I've also bought they little fur shrugs from Coast - I'm v excited! It's all coming together....

    There is also matching sage jewellery in Coast too called "Society". Don't know whether you've seen that? x

  • marlonbabyukmarlonbabyuk Posts: 242
    ooo good taste little-tedimage Not even looked at jewellery or accessories yet! Was just so pleased to find these!!! Been searching high and low for sage green dresses. I will check out the Society stuff though!
  • pyrowallpyrowall Posts: 98
    how bizarre!

    that dress is the one my sis is wearing as my BM!!

    But i'm not getting married until Sep09 we got it before putting the deposit down on the venue!
  • aisling08aisling08 Posts: 43
    Hey girls.

    I've been really struggling with a colour scheme for my cuban wedding next year until I saw this post! I have fallen in love some much with those bridesmaids dresses that I think I'm going to go with sage based purely on the dresses!!

    The only thing is after having a quick look, I can find much in terms of sage accessories. Anyone got any ideas where I can look?

    Good luck with all your plans!!

  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    they're gorgeuos!!!
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    fabulous!!! I love Coast stuff image

    All my BM's will be in Coast dresses, their stuff is just so lovely.

    All the best, Emily image x
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