Brave or stupid?

OK, those of you who have been on here a while will know that I essentially picked my wedding dress within about 6 weeks after finding the perfect dress online. It is from an online shop in the states and would have cost me INCLUDING PACKAGING £120!!! It is beautiful

Problems began to arise when I asked the company for swatches etc. They wouldn't let me have any essentially and I don't have £120 lying around.

So I was bummed out needless to say, the dress is really different and I could find nothing else like it without spending stupid money on having it designed and made for me. Then...

My mum found it on Ebay for half the price!!!! Coming from China this time rather than the states. Made to measure, as the last one was and this time with a picture of how the back looks too. I know it is a risk but I am so down heartened by not being able to find anything that looks even remotely like this dress and £70 including packing is not too much for me to lose if things go tits up. So. Am I being brave or just really really stupid?

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  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    you are very brave!

    i hope it works out for you!
  • Hiya i think yor being brave but would like to reassure you that my Stepmum bought her dress of ebaby (also made to measure in china) and it arrived safely and looked stunning!

    I know they say somethings are to good to be true but i its def worth going for if its going to safe you money!!

    Hope it all works out

    Tanya x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    I think it makes perfect sense.

    If it really isn't the dress for you and you can't return it, you could sell it on ebay to get back some of your money!

    Hope it all works out & let u sknow how you get on! x
  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    I don't think you are either - I think you are sensible. £70 is a complete bargain! If it works out great, if it arrives and you don't like it I bet you could get more than £70 by selling it!

    If it all goes wrong £70 is not too much of a blow.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see the dress when it arrives
  • gemmanicholsgemmanichols Posts: 227
    Brave! I got my dress from China for £90. I love it! I'm paying another £90 to a seamstress over here for some extra bita and pieces doing to it but even then it's £180 all in so that's always an option for you too even if it isn't "perfect". Good luck!
  • Definitely brave, go on just take the plunge and order it. I'm sure it will be just what you wanted and that you won't regret it. All the reports that I have heard re: dresses from China have been nothing but excellent and if I were in your position I would do the same! Good luck x x
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Yay!!! Thank you guys. I now just need to wait for the cheque my mum gave me to clear then I can press the buy now button. Woohooo!!!!!
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Too late now anyway. Just bought it!!!! Will be sending them my measurements in the next 2 days!
  • A friend of mine bought a prom dress for her daughter on ebay coming from china - like you she just had to send her the measurments! The dress came and it was stunning really good quality and they also sent some extra fabric so my friend made a matching clutch bag for her too!!!! Good luck hope your ordering experience goes well

    The dress is stunning by the way
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Thank you all so much. It is incredibly reassuring that other people aside from my mum are in agreement with me on this!
  • Go for it! Not stupid at all, let us know how it goes image
  • leanne78ukleanne78uk Posts: 419
    Did you read the story in the papers this last week about the bride who bought hers off ebay from china? she paid £2.50 and £16P&P and the dress was totally stunning when it arrived, made to measure and fit perfectly.

    Here's the link

    Well done for taking the plunge, let us know how it goes!

  • sarnydeesarnydee Posts: 107
    I got my dress off a Chinese seller on Ebay, it was £24.99 and £68 p&p. An absolute bargain and beautifully made. I wore it twice, once at my wedding in Sri Lanka and then again at my reception when we got back! I'm just disappointed that I'll never wear it again as it's so lovely!

    I know some people would rather get their dresses direct from the designer but I personally couldn't justify spending nearly £1000 on a dress that only gets worn once, (or twice in my case!)

    The fact that it was considerably cheaper than normal wedding dresses certainly didn't make me feel any less special so I say go for it!!
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