First Dress Appointment


I have my first dress appointment in 2 wks (getting married in May 2009). I'm not really sure how the dress thing works! Is it usual to find 'the dress' at the first shop/appointment. Do I have to decide there and then if I want to buy a dress I might like.

Do i have to get changed in front of the assistant/my friends??




  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    hello image

    Don't worry!!! Its great fun image

    You don't have to buy on your first dress outing but if you get a feeling about one of the dresses and can't get it put of your mind you will have to go back image

    You will probably need help to get into the dresses by the sales assistant but they do it everyday and just want you to look amazing in their dresses so they'll only be thinking about getting you in the dress and making you feel special... so don't worry at all image

    Are the friends you're taking your bridesmaids? They'll love it image

    Just enjoy, it really is a lovely experience image

    All the best, good luck, Emily image x
  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    You'll have a great time. I was nervous about getting the hard sell but that didn't happen in any of the shops I went to. Noone expects you to make a decision on your first trip. I loved the whole experience so go to a few different shops and enjoy it!
  • panettone13panettone13 Posts: 378
    Thanks girls! Feel better abt it now xxxxx
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