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I am having a princessy style dress which needs a hoop underneath - at my first appointment, they said they would let me hire a hoop for the "special price " of £25 !!!! Are they ripping me off?? I know i can buy ythem on ebay, but how do i know which sort/size to get? And how do they post a hoop?? Do you think i can get the "special price" down??image


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    I bought mine for £8.99 off Ebay, it was a UK seller, I just bought my waist size, most of them are adjustable so will cover most sizes

    You'll also need to check the length, I am only 5ft 2 so I had to get one that was petite/shorter length as the standard ones were just too long for me
  • Hi Lily,

    I'm about the same height as you...are they adjustable at the base ( ie: the size of the actual hoop? ). How do they post it?? What was the name of the seller?
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    The name of the seller I bought mine from is appletongate (the shop name is bridesRusuk), it actually says on the listing that its a hoop for a petite bride or 14 year old girl, the length was 36 inches long and the waist covers sizes 24 inch up to 40 inch, its got velcro so you just adjust it to your waist size image

    The one I bought isnt adjustable in the metal hoop but I know you can get ones that are, mine is perfect for my dress though which is A line.

    It came in a smallish postal bag when I received it, beware though when you open a hoop thats been packaged- it sprang up and hit me in the face when I unfolded it and I wasnt expecting it!!

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