My first MS dress fitting and hair trial PICS REMOVED

Accidently posted this is the newlyweds!!!! I get married in 45 days time and had my first dress fitiing and Hair trial today. ive attached some pics your opinions would be great!

[Pics Removed)

Tanya xx

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  • My dress from the front ... the hem had been pinned ...

    Tanya xx

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  • Cardiff_msCardiff_ms Posts: 251
    hun - you look amazing!
  • Ah wow you look stunning. What a gorgeous dress. Love it!!! x
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    you look gorgeous Tanya image

    love the sparkly detail on your dress - stunning xxx
  • Oh wow! The dress fits you so well. I love the little bolero/jacket. It makes a gorgeous shape/collar bone area (can't remember posh name). And the cut of the dress gives you a lovely figure. You look just perfect.
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