Any Benjamin Roberts brides??

I'm getting married in Benjamin Roberts 930 in ivory and wondered if there were any other ladies wearing one of their dresses?



  • JOB1982JOB1982 Posts: 194
    Im a Benjamin Roberts bride !!

    Mine is 951, it was the very first dress i tried on and i tried on loads after but nothing compared !! I absolutely love Benjamin Roberts dresses they are all gorgeous !!

    When is your wedding ??


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  • LouiseKenneyLouiseKenney Posts: 124
    Your dress is lovely! Just had a look on their site. Which colour have you ordered it in?

    My wedding is 2nd Feb 09, we're getting married in Canada, we wanted a winter wedding in the snow! When's yours?

    I was very similar in how I ended up buying my dress. Just went to a couple of bridal shops with my BM's to get an idea of what suited me best. This was 'the one' as soon as I tried it on! I've ordered a full length, single layer veil which shows the detail on the back when I walk down the aisle, it really compliments the dress. Can't wait for it to come into the shop now!

  • JOB1982JOB1982 Posts: 194
    Thank you !! I just looked at yours and yours is amazing too, you'll look gorgeous !!

    I was gonna go for it in ivory, which was the colour of the dress i tried on but im actually thinking of going for the dark white as its kind of like ivory anyway....I cant wait to get it in the shop and try it on !!

    I havent chosen my veil yet but will do very soon, i dont get married until Sep 09 so iv still got a year yet !!

    Canada wedding sounds fab, and very romantic...the pictures will be great !!
  • LouiseKenneyLouiseKenney Posts: 124
    Dark white or ivory both sound lovely. Its so exciting trying them on. I'm taking my BM's to order their dresses on Saturday and I need to order a bolero jacket the shop will make from the same fabric to keep me warm during pics. I'm same as you can't wait to put my dress on again!

  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    me me me!

    I loved the 930 but wanted a bigger skirt. I then had a very hard choice to make between the 958 with the amazing flamenco frill on the back and the 966.

    In the end I went for the 966.

    Benjamin Roberts dresses are sooooo good for the price.

    this is mine

    oh that pic just makes me so excited - can't wait to get it home!
  • FireworkukFireworkuk Posts: 123

    I had Benjamin Roberts 930 samples on today and yesterday!! Think i'm in love!! Got my BM coming over on Tuesday to make the final decision, but after 5 months of looking, something about it feels really 'right'! Made my mum tearful when i took her to see it today!

    Can i ask how much other people have paid for BR 930? I think i can get it for less than the original price i was quoted, but would be nice to know what i'm aiming for.
  • Hiya,

    I'm getting hitched in July, 2009 and am waring Benjamin roberts 1020, the dress on the cover of his new collection:

    I love it so!

    Lola x
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    i have ordered br 1017 love it cant wait till it arrives in November!!
  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    I've just seen benjamin roberts 930 on ebay - well a copy.

    £9.99 for the dress £65 postage £5 insurance. £79.99 for a custom made copy 930 dress in ANY colour, and only takes them a few weeks.

    Not bad!

    Link here:
  • LouiseKenneyLouiseKenney Posts: 124
    Hi Firework

    I paid £1120 for my BR 930. Hope this helps?

  • Hi i was going to be a BR bride 930 BUT...i went to wedding last week and that bride had it on so i want somethng that nobody has seen before(quite a few from last week are coming to our wedding) I tried on my dress trudy lee the "princess" and i love it!!
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