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Hi there, I have been getting some great tips from the YAYW forum for a while now but this is my first actual post. I would love a shrug/bolero to go with my dress (La Sposa - Sarria) and have come across something I like but am really not sure if it goes with my dress. What do you think?

This is my dress:

This is the shrug:


  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Hmmm really not sure. Its so hard to tell not actually seeing them together. That shrug is unbelievable, where did you see it??

    Your dress is fabulous too, but I'm not 100% sure that they really match style wise. Whats the bottom of your dress like??
  • Louiseallan1Louiseallan1 Posts: 620
    I like them....but I'm rather fond of a shrug!!! and that one is gorgeous. Is there anyway you could have pic taken of them together?
  • meltdollmeltdoll Posts: 7
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure either!

    I came across the shrug on - it's a site I've never seen before but is similar to ebay but you can only buy/sell things that are handmade.

    Here's a photo showing my dress in full:
  • meltdollmeltdoll Posts: 7
    Shoegal1980 - unfortunately not, I have only seen the shrug on the internet and haven't seen one like it anywhere else!

    I may just have to bite the bullet and buy it - unbelievably it's a snip at $55!
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Ok, I pasted both the pics onto one page and I honestly think while the shrug is gorgeous its ot right for your stunning dress. I think the shrug would need to be worn with a fitted dress, and one that has ruffles on it to echo the shrug (think linea raffaela).

    what about buying the shrug anyway and wearing it to a function or something like that??

    At the end of the day this is just my opinion and I hope it doesn't upset you but your dress is so classic and regal, I think the shrug would detract from it xxx
  • Ok am going to add my two cents now.

    I actually think the shrug DOES go with the dress. The colours are the same and it picks up the flower at the side of the dress. Also I think the business of the shrug contrasts nicely with the plainer dress.

    I would say buy it anyway as it's sooo cheap and if it doesn't go you haven't spent much and you can always find some where else to wear it I'm sure!
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898

  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Sometimes it helps to see them together if you haven't already. Hope you don't mind x
  • kimvdgkimvdg Posts: 198

    I LOVE this shrug... but, personally and please don't take offense - I don't think it goes with the dress. I think the dress is gorgeous and that the shrug will steal some of its thunder. We spend so much money on our dresses, we must show them off and not let anything take away from it! (but thats just my opinion!)

    I think you should get the shrug anyway and wear it to a dinner or something - its really stunning!

  • I just want to also depends alot on the style your aiming for, if it's sleek and classic, then the shrugs not for you. If you like something dramatic and I think vintagey then maybe the shrug is for you. I personally like the busier look, hence the outfit I wore for my wedding day-loadsa lace!
  • meltdollmeltdoll Posts: 7
    Thanks for all the replies ladies, all comments much appreciated.

    Have made a decision - going to order the shrug, given the price I can't really lose and if I don't wear it on the day I'm sure it'll be worn at another time.
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