I curled my Hair yesterday and it looked good howver........

The curls dropped out after 10 mins n i mean 10 mins lol i didnt put much spray on which didnt help. but can any 1 tell me if curls will last a full day. I get married 11 am so its going 2 be a full day


  • carney79carney79 Posts: 161

    I had this problem...i ended up having 3 trials in total......in the end i had my hair cut and bendy rollers put in with gel spray. I then sat under a head dryer for about 45min until hair was completely dry. They are really curly when you take them out but the hairdresser messed with them and they looked lovely and lasted until the next day!!!
  • MrsLawson2beMrsLawson2be Posts: 310
    Im planning on going to the hairdresser and on a day my partners not around leaving the style to see how long it does last once the proffesionals have had a go. Ide rather just have streaight hair than hair thts going to just look wavy by the time the evening comes
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