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Cant decide on colour

Hi Im a newbie so your'll have to bear with me :\)

I chose my dream dress ages ago and completely fell in love with it, its a forever yours dress 47133.

I am having it custom made as I really want small capped sleeves added to it.

My dilemma is because its been custom made i have been told i can have it in any colour i like, as in the stores its only available in white or ivory.

Now I cant decide whether to go with a different shade i always liked the idea of having a champagne/cream dress because im having emerald green bridesmaid dresses and was worried they'd look harsh against a white/ivory dress.

So was just wondering about any ones opinions on the colour?


link to the dress ;-


  • miss_julyukmiss_julyuk Posts: 585
    Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm having a light gold coloured dress with sage green bridesmaids (i think!) i agree that some dark colours can look harsh next to white.

    i think champagne or cream will look great with the emerald green. xx

    ps lovely dress btw.
  • LouleyLouley Posts: 568
    Gorgeous dress!! beautiful bodice, i think that would look fabulous in a warm cream, sometimes with the gold-ey ones , although they're a lovely colour i feel it can hide the detailing a bit.

    Will they have samples for you to look at?

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