Buying from usa?

Hi all was just wondering how much other people have paid for dresses to be shipped over and with the tax 2? Went shopping with bridesmaids last saturday and they fell in love with a dress that £185 each i have 3 adult bridesmaid but just cant afford that, i have found these dresses on bestbridalprices

for a bargain $118 each works out 2 around £55 pound each, do u think these dresses will go with my dress? i have already order my dress from a bridal shop, would really appreciate some advice, thanks ladies clare x


  • cla1985cla1985 Posts: 78
    ill try those links again for u, x
  • cla1985cla1985 Posts: 78
    I think they are so lovely, how much have u paid for shipping etc Rilou81? x x
  • Joeybear17Joeybear17 Posts: 105
    as well as shipping you need to bear in mind the cost of import tax. i dont really understand how it works. but my bm dress cost £60 including postage, and then the import tax was £45 so in the end i didnt actually save that much. if the import tax is the same however many you buy it is worth it though if you are buying lots of dresses.

    x x x
  • sineadhoodsineadhood Posts: 31
    they are gorgeous shipping and tax is normally 17 percentx
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I got 2 flowergirl dresses from Jays bridal, they worked out at £89 for two whereas I was going to be charged £135 EACH over here, fortunately I have a relative in the US who sent them so I didnt have to pay tax and customs. Joeybear i cant understand how come you paid so much on import tax that seems a huge amount, I think this wedding business rips us off enough ! x
  • Joeybear17Joeybear17 Posts: 105
    i thought it seemed like way too much too!! but i'm not sure what to do about it. i have looked at the tax website and just dont understand a word of it. one thing i did notice is that the woman lied about how much the dress was worth- she wrote that it cost $200 when it actually cost around $130 i think- so i wondered if that made a difference? or if the customs people thought it was pounds not dollars?!

    i dont knwo, but if anyone has any advice that would be awesome!!

    x x x
  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    well you can get them from here for £110 each!!

    I looked at US ut this uk site, and there is a shop too, worked out pretty much the same one you added on the 30% import charges!!??

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  • fionaallen2fionaallen2 Posts: 562
    I've bought my dresses from USA.

    The import and customs charge works out at 30% - 17.5% VAT and 12.5% customs.

    Even so it was a lot cheaper - I got a tiara, 2 pairs shoes, 2 boleros, my dress and bridesmaids, postage/delivery , VAT and customs all still worked out at £550, my dress alone was £699 in UK.

    But as lady above says you have to work out if it worth it and shop around!
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    Thanks ever so much ladies for your advice, just dont know what to do now lol! Thanks for the link to glamourous gowns thumpertoo2, have you ordered yours from there? Thanks again ladies your all such a big help! clare x x
  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    yes, I ordered my bridesmaids some time ago online with them - borrowed a few styles first(free service) and had swatches sent. Since then I went down to the shop and have now ordered my wedding dress from them as well.

    I got the recommention from others on here, and just found Alex really accomodating - she never pushed me into anything. Definitely worth considering.
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    I ordered my 'main' wedding dress from TJ Formal its a Maggie Sottero (they dont ship them to the UK anymore unfortunately)

    The dress cost £300 and with shipping this cost £350, when it came I was charged £89 customs. Still worth it though, as the dress was over £1000 in the shop!
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