Have I got a dress twin?!

I have bought my Benjamin Roberts dress and in the store they told me they have never sold this dress before! I am dying to have a dress twin- either that or just opinions on my dress?! every now and again i have doubts; any comments would be appreciated! My sash is in ivory not pink though!


it's the 772 dress

Thank you!!!!


  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    I'm not your dress twin but this dress is stunning.

    You will look a million dollars!!

    Good luck with the planning.

  • Thanks Emma image it's totally not what i thought i would pick! there isn't a front view but from the front the seams are quite visible which put me off at first but i do love the dress! How about you; have you picked yours?
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    Hi there,

    I just wanted to drop a message on here. Its not a dress that I am going for, but my word, if I had the figure I would! Its stunning!!!!!!

    A great choice... Amazing dress! I think I might need to lose weight and then there is always the possibilty I could be your very first 'dress twin'!! Just need to lose about 2 stone I think!!!!!!!!!!

    Zoe x x
  • Ha thanks Zoe! It's not what I imagined I would go for! Last year i lost quite a bit of weight and i think that's part of the reason i have doubts- i still think I am bigger in my head so it is strange to fit into it! Thank you for the kind comments, I feel better now! When she told me she had never sold a version before I was like 'What's wrong with it?!!'

    Hope your plans are coming on well! Have you picked your dress yet?
  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    wow nice dress! I love benjamin roberts - I've gone for the 966.

    I've never seen that one before it's lovely!
  • vsnellukvsnelluk Posts: 2
    I'm not your dress twin sorry, but just wanted to say it's gorgeous and one that was on my shortlist!! I don't have the curves in the right places, so it didn't do much for me (I'm a bit straight up and down!!) Don't have doubts, it's beautiful!!! :\)
  • Thank you everyone!! Feeling much better now image!

    Ooh the 996 is a stunning dress- lovely choice tokenbug! What are your dresses like girls?
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    it is a gorgous dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you lucky lady!

    wish i had the figure for something like that!
  • JennieBukJennieBuk Posts: 408
    I've not got a dress twin either! Do you think it makes us unique????
  • JennieBukJennieBuk Posts: 408
    I've not got a dress twin either! Do you think it makes us unique????
  • lissylouuk1lissylouuk1 Posts: 815
    Gorgeous dress, I certainly don't have the figure to carry it off though. Wish I had. Great choice cantwait!
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