no idea what dress

Hi girls

is there anyone else out there like me who just doesn't have a clue what she wants for her wedding dress.

Been to 8 shops now and still feel no further forward. can't decide on shape or style.

my friend said you will know when you find the one, but i now think that is never going to happen, maybe my expectations are too high???



  • fionaallen2fionaallen2 Posts: 562
    Hi there, I have my dress now but was just like you!

    Everyone told me I would know the dress I wanted moment I put it on, but for me it never happened, I was running out of time and just ordered the one that I thought looked best on, there were no fireworks or bolts of lightening for me either.

    Now I have dress I love it, but to me its just a dress lol.I wish I had had the experience of falling in love with a dress, hopefully you will find what you are looking for!

    8 shops is not loads I went to about 22 and searched for 9 months!

  • FireworkukFireworkuk Posts: 123
    Ohhhhh, feel compelled to reply. I felt EXACTLY the same until 3 days ago!! I had been looking for 5 months and tried on over 200 dresses, all completly different in style and shape. Lots looked lovely, but none felt wow.

    Then on Tuesday i drove for nearly an hour and a half (i had been to all the shops close by!!) and i went on my own as my mum was slightly losing patient with my indeciseness! And i knew. Just knew completely that i'd found the dress i'd get married in. Took Mum to see it yesterday and she cried. Got chief BM coming over on Tuesday to see it and then will put the deposit down.

    Please trust me you will find the one and you will know. But it may take ages, it did for me.

    P.S. I'm soooo exicted now i've found it i can't sleep! And i've got a year to go!
  • I know just how you feel, ive been to 3 shops so far and have tried loads of different styles, but still feel no further forward. My friends who are married have all said you will know once you have found 'The One'.

    The last shop i went into i mentioned this to the lady and she said everyone is different and have different reactions when they finally find their dress, this really helped me because now im not waiting for the tears of joy to now its 'The One'.

    Im off for my next appointment next saturday so fingers crossed, Good luck to you too im sure your perfect dress is waiting for you x x
  • hols1ukhols1uk Posts: 107
    thanks for that, I have still got loads of time don't get married untill october 2009, but thats why i have started early, plenty more shops out there i suppose.

    It does make me feel a bit sad though that I might not get that feeling, but like you said it only a dress.

    whens the latest you can leave it to order your dress??

  • FireworkukFireworkuk Posts: 123
    You honestly will know. I nearly bought two which weren't right because i was panicking.

    Most places ask for 6-8 months to order it and do fittings so you have plenty of time.

    One thing i would say is try on the dresses that the shop assisstant's suggest will suit you. I would not have gone for mine and was even a little reluctant to try it on when she suggested it! Some of them really do know their stuff!
  • Most shops i have been into have told me 14 weeks! Im getting married May 2009 so christmas is my deadline! although hoping to have one well before then!
  • hols1ukhols1uk Posts: 107
    oh god i didn't realise you could leave it that late!!

    I always wanted to get mine between 12-10 months before as I think it decides what flowers you have, bridesmaids outfits etc...and so it is one more thing of my list.

    good idea about asking the staff for advice, as I get put off by dresses just on the peg!!

  • I also think that the dress helps you to decide on flowers etc, hence why im hoping i find mine soon only 9 1/2 months to go for me! ive tried on some dresses that have looked arwful on the hangers but seem to transform when you put them on. Ive been making sure that i make appointments at the shops i visit that way they spend time with you and make really good suggestions on dresses that you might not have looked at if you just saw them hanging up!
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    Take someone honest with you and try on as many styles as you can - ask for advice from the people in the shop!

    BEging to cut down on factors

    for example - On my first day dress shopping, I decided that white and gold were not good for my colouring

    As the shopping trips went by I cut out different shapes / fabrics etc and ended up with my dress

    I think I tried on about 50 dresses and it took almost 3 months from stary to finish

    I ended up with the EXACT OPPOSITE to what I wanted!

    Best of luck....please enjoy it though! I had the most fun when I went shopping! x
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Try typing into google images wedding dress and look at pictures. I found mine in the weirdest place- a chinese dress makers!
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I would agree to let the girls in the shop make some suggestions. I had an idea of what I didn't want when I went looking, and I tried on loads of lovely dresses, but I always walked away thinking that it was nice but...

    My dress was one that I would never have looked at on the hanger, but the girl suggested it and I thought why not. I didn't have the tears, but just knew that I really liked it and my Mum said that as soon as I came out of the changing room it was "The One". To think about it now, it had all the elements that I wanted in a dress, but just couldn;t imagine them all being on one dress.

    Although I didn't have the emotional reaction that a lot of people talk about I love my dress, and couldn't imagine getting married in anything else now.

    Good luck, and keep looking, you will find the perfect dress xxx
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