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Anyone ordered a Benjamin Roberts dress in extra legth??


Just looking for a bit of reassurance really. I've definitely decided to go for Bejamin Roberts 930 now. But at 6 ft i would have had to have worn flat shoes with it, so i enquired about extra length and for £70 they can make it up to 4" longer. However i am worried this may change the shape or the way it sits. Do they add it on the bottom or lengthen the whole thing?? Anyone know anymore . . . . ??


  • Token_bug81Token_bug81 Posts: 266
    I'm having a longer length Benjamin Roberts dress so I can wear heels. As far as I am aware they just lengthen the skirt, mine has some detail on the bottom edge so adjustments need to be made from the waist. It depends on the dress really. I think for the 930 the skirt will just be longer - don't think the shape of the dress will change. Speak to the shop you are ordering from or contact someone at benjamin roberts.
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