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Anyone else ordered BM dresses from House of Brides


Has anyone order their BM dresses from house of brides? I was going to order from Landy Bridal but they don't do my colour in the material I need. Any help would be great!

Thank you!


  • nikkig973nikkig973 Posts: 468
    Hiya i was going to order my bm dresses from HoB there have been some good reports on here about them, but ive decided to go with milly bridal. They are copying a dress i emailed to them and have loads of colours to chose from, plus the shipping costs are good and i dont think you get charged tax when it enters the uk, have a look at their website. xx
  • MrsWSoonMrsWSoon Posts: 749
    Thanks Mrs Smith! I'll have a look now. So you can send them a picture of what you want and they will copy it?
  • nikkig973nikkig973 Posts: 468
    Yes! Theres a topic on here i'll bump it for you its called 'my milly bridal experience (or something along those lines!!)' you can order wedding dresses as well. I emailed them a piccie and they said it would cost $60 each plus $68 for shipping for 4 dresses, then i asked them to email me colour charts which i have just received and theres loads of different colours xx
  • MrsWSoonMrsWSoon Posts: 749
    Thanks Mrs Smith! I'm going to email them now, thank you! x x
  • nikkig973nikkig973 Posts: 468
    No probs! Its taken me blooming ages to find bm dresses that i like and that arent too pricey, i was so pleased to find out about milly bridal just hope everything goes well, but from what ive read it looks good!

    Good luck and keep us posted xx
  • piru662piru662 Posts: 434
    check out they do Forever yours and work out cheaper than HOB plus they are running a 10% off thing at the moment.
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