which veil?????

Hi everyone,

just wondered has everyone chosen their veil yet? I'v ordered my dress, bought my shoes, and my tiara (you know, the major things that people ususally have the most dilemas about), but i cannot decide on a veil. I will be wearing my hair up but, shall i wear the veil on top of my head, behind, elbow length, fingertip length, do i want a blusher (although that might not be possible with the type of tiara i have)............aaaarrrghhh i just dont know!!!! The only thing i do know i want is either dimante's scattered on it, or for it to be made out of shimmer tulle, apart from that im completely stuck!!! is it just me or has anyone else had the same problem????? xx


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    Don't panic!

    Haven't looked at or tried any veils yet but I did read some helpful pointers on the confetti.co.uk website about them.

    I think the basic rule is the fancier your dress etc the plainer your veil should be a vice versa. They also said to be careful with beading etc on the veil because sometimes when it is down over your face the shadows from the beads can look like spots on your face (not a great look!).

    Could you take your dress and everything somewhere and just try on loads of veils until you find the one for you?

    Hope that's a little bit helpful. Good luck!
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    Isabel Kurtenbach, does the most amazing veils, give her a shot - she is mentioned frequently in YYW. Really the best.
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    hi there i have ordered my veil and i have my first dress fitting this saturday, scary but exciting. im going to have the veil behind my head and the length to the elbow i think sometimes if you have it on top of you head it can look a bit old fashioned and you may not be able to see your nice hair do. x
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    I had money for my birthday which was enough for my veil! Although I had it posted to me and the postman ramed it in our post box! I was worried it would be broken but it was fine!
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    Hi, I got mine a few weeks ago, and cause I have a lace up dress at the back, and my dress has a patten running down the back, i decided to get a veil that stops jus before my elbows, and it has a few sparkles on it but noting too muc, I'm really not a girly girl and getting dressed up for my wedding is a great expericnce but one that will feel straing being all dressed up for the whole day!! I am also going to have my veil at the bottom of my head, so during the day i can keep it on and peopel can still see my hair - can't undersatnd people that spend lots on their hairs then cover it up with a veil - but each to thier own i guess! Hope this helps! Jx
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    Thanx all for the advice, i still cant decide what to do, i like the idea of an elbow length viel, as my dress is quite detailed and i dont want to hide it, also im only 5 ft tall (or should i say short) so anything longer would probably drown me!!!! Think i might try different ones on with my tiara (which i have bought). Will let you know when i finally decide!!!!!!!
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    Hi there,

    I have gone for the full cathedral length veil as my dress is so simple that it adds something very special to it. Handy hint though to anyone on a budget and as appalled as i was by the cost of the veils ( even the non silk tulle ones) , i got mine through a company called veils n more on ebay, they make them to order from the states and the one that i recieved is beautiful quality and doesnt look cheap next to my amanda wakeley dress, but only cost me £25 including postage all the way from the states. The cheapest one of the same style that i could find here was over £200, and the silk version that matches my dress is £550... and they do all lengths fullnesses and colours etc.

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  • Just reading on the veils ... I have gone for long with tiny sparkles but no sparkles on the blusher part so you can have it over your face without any spots!
  • I got mine from www.theweddingveilshop.co.uk

    Great service! Mine is number 14. A double fingertip length, minimally scattered with mini pearls. I got the double so I can change my mind and wear over my face if I want, the pearls match those on my dress and tiara without being over the top, and the length so I can hide the tops of my arms but not distract from the embroidery on the dress which is mostly on the train.
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    Hiya LittleSa image I got a scalloped edged elbow length one to reflect the scalloped hem on my dress and draw emphasis to my waist as I have a really fab corseted top which makes it look teeny! I would reccomend trying the veil on with your dress to make sure they complement each other before you make your final decision. Good luck picking x
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    While we're on the subject of veils...... just wondered what the opinion was of a veil in a civil wedding. Does the venue need to carry off the veil or is it only reserved for a church wedding?
  • Lisa G - I'm having the same thoughts at the mo. We're getting married in a civil venue and I'm really not sure whether to wear a veil or not. I don't think it matters too much in terms of protocol, but I don't want to look too OTT. Then again, I don't want to look back at our wedding photos in 10 years time and think 'oh, I wish I'd worn veil'! I was quite happy to go with some nice hair accessories until my sister in law kindly offered to lend me her veil as my 'something borrowed' if I wanted it. It cost her £175 and she thought it wouild save me some money if I borrowed hers instead of buying one, which obviously is a good idea in principle. The only thing is that she got married in church and her veil is a full-length one - I think it would go with my dress, but will that look too much for a civil ceremony? Our venue is a beautiful old country manor house, which is quite dramatic so could carry it off, but will it be too much still? Any advice would be much appreciated! image
  • Girls - I personally think - that what dictates the veil isn't the venue or the type of wedding its YOU - and what looks good on you. What makes you feel happy? If you love the long veil - go for it! The percentage of people in your wedding party thinking about your veil is going to be very very low!! Hope this helps xxx
  • Thankyou SoontobeMrs - I have ordered through VeilsnMore - looking forward to receiving my veil! Couldn't believe it when my dress shop quoted my £241 - for a bit of net! Going for the cathedral with a satin ribbon trim. xxx
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    ooh i am so glad!

    they really do a lovely job, very fine quality tulle. hope you are as happy with yours as i was with mine! i had a little weep. ( i know .. pathetic...!)
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    I'm marrying in a civil venue too - mine's a Castle!! I tried to find a dress that was suitably "regal" and classic so that it would fit in and chose a veil to match the dress. Mine's a full length down to the end of the train affair with crystals on it. I was unsure at first but when I put it on it finished the dress perfectly. I looked like a princess - apt for a castle..

    I would go for what goes with your dress rather than think of the venue. You need to feel like a princess too.
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