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Is this crazy???

I have been looking online at dresses since II got engaged... and found the perfect dress months ago. Only problem is it costs £3k which i cannot justify.

I have just seen the same dress for sale online although its second hand. Perfect condition... buyer seems very geniune and is looking for £600 for it.

I havent even tried any dresses on yet but absolutely love this dress. It looks great and I really want it.

Also we havent even booked our venue yet as we cant decide.

Would it be too mad to buy this dress? My OH is going crazy at the idea.. He is worried that it wont be good quality or there willbe some other problem. Im scared of losing out as I love it so much.

What would you do?


  • I don't think you are crazy.. you will be taking a risk, but the gamble may pay off. I bought my bridesmaids dresses second hand on e bay, I was scared to do it but they turned out beautiful, and they fitted! If you do decide to buy, comfort yourself in the knowledge you can always sell it yourself on e bay if you don't like it. Someone is bound to buy a dress worth 3,000 from you. Have a good think about it before you make any decisions, your dress is the centerpiece of the whole wedding x
  • mmm tricky 1! i seen a few dresses i loved but when i tried them on they were totally different on me than they were on the hanger. personally if it was me i dont think i wud take the chance, £600 is alot of money & ul miss out the fun of tryin on different dresses. x
  • I don't think it's crazy. If you love the dress, you should get it as it would be a shame to lose out. If it's really not for you, you can always sell it on. Might mean a little bit of hassle, but better than losing out on your dream dress.

    If anything is wrong with the dress you either don't get it (if you collect) or get in touch with the seller and tell them the item is not as advertised.

    The only thing I would like to add is that you should really try on a similar dress to make sure you like the shape on yourself. Some dresses look great on others, but might not be for you or there might be a shape that you never thought would look good on you, that will be just perfect! You might be surprised.
  • piru662piru662 Posts: 434
    do remember that there are lots of dresses in all price ranges and while your 3K dres maybe out of budget you WILL find one you can afford.

    Can you go and view the dress for £600 and try it on, have you ever tried it on or just love photos of it? Honestly there are lots of us who think we know the style we want but when we try it on it doesn't look 'right'

    In the end only you can decide but £600 is still alot of money
  • You need to try the dress on, that's for sure, If you still love it then buy from ebay, just check them out fully and collect if you can if they are not too far away. Nothing wrong with forward planning and a bargain at the same time. Just do your research. Good luck, which dress is it anyway x
  • I took a risk and bought my dream dress from off ebay and its perfect in every way. Its exactly as described and what I imagined.

    Now all I have to try and do is sell the other one that I bought before finding this one....grr!
  • The closest shop to me that stocks the dress is over an hours drive away. I am going to try and get an appointment with them asap but have heard that you need to wait weeks on an appoinment... especially for a Saturday.

    I suppose the next best thing is to find a similar style of dress in another brand and see if it suits.

    The seller has sent me further more detailed photos. I love it even more now! I just hope someone else doesnt get in there before me.

  • Here is one of the pictures of the dress...

  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    ok, so it looks a very pretty dress. is it a caroline castigliano?

    a couple of things:

    the dresses that i like in pictures looked awful on me. i've gone for something totally different to what i had thought i would like.

    if the dress you buy was a bespoke dress made specifically for someone else's measurements it may not be so easy to alter to fit you. that's why these dresses are so expensive, alot of work goes into making it exactly to your measurements.

    i strongly suggest that you start trying some dresses on before you think about buying this dress. you might find something that is much closer to your budget that you love as much AND get all the service/alterations that come along with a made to order dress.

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