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Bad Supplier - Christine Daniels Bridal Shop in Bracknell

Just to warn you all, please avoid this shop at all costs, they are very cheerful and friendly but product quality is poor and sell products not fit for use and then doe their very best to wriggle out of remedying the situation hence I have no dress and 2 months till my wedding!


  • Just to say that this was one of the first bridal shops i went into, and they were very friendly and helpful. However whilst I was there the rail in the wardrobe that was being used to store the dresses already brought by other brides to be broke and all the dresses fell to the floor in a heap, and the lady assisting me just closed the door on it all saying she would sort it out later- worrying as these were dresses that people had presumably paid for.

    MrsNn2B really sorry to hear about your dress and your bad experince there - I hope you find another one soon - i know of a great bridal shop in Sussex if thats any help?

  • SueSue Posts: 1

    I brought my daughters Wedding Dress from Christine Daniels in Bracknell, and it is gorgeous and the staff were very friendly and helpful, I do not have abad word to say about them

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