wedding dress shops /makers london/herts

hi everyone new bride to be here and im over whelmed lol

what i was wanting to know is if anyone could recommend me some good shops/dress maker for my dress , im willing to travel abit and i defantly cant spend over £1000 rather save the money for my honeymoon image

im in the london area but i dont mind traveling

thank you


  • piru662piru662 Posts: 434
    Well I can highly recommend

    I got them off recommendations on here when I joined and the website is great for ideas even if you can't get to the shop.
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    My dressmaker/designer is I had my first fitting 2 weeks ago and now v excited. Her website says bespoke bridal from £800 but mine is only going to be £480 as the style is quite simple. She is based in Brighton, so it's only 50 mins from Victoria (I am in London too, but didn't much like the London prices).
  • ok thanks also how do i cut the costs , if i go to a dress maker and show her pictures is it cheaper then??
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I think with my designer it is cheaper if you pick a dress that either she has made before or that is very similar (i.e. minor adaptations). Also fabric choice will make a difference. The cost will depend on how complicated the dress is to make. Mine is a 1950s style with a basic shape and has no lace, embroidery or beading so that's why it's costing less. The more fancy it is and the more (and more expensive) fabric is needed, the more it will cost.
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