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Jewellery advice - Please can anyone help?


I am new here! Thoroughly enjoying reading all the chat - it's really fun and helpful! I could really do with some advice about the jewellery on my big day... i am wearing an Ian Stuart dress which is very modern and funky (fitted and fishtail, made of white denim with star studs and rhinestones embossed on it!) and it has a halter neckline. I really need to know if any of you think i should or could wear a necklace, choker or no neckwear at all with it? I don't usually wear halter nack tops so i'm not sure if a necklace or choker would look a little OTT? I was gonna go for a choker with a star to complement the stars on my dress but i am worried it will look a bit odd with a halter top. Any advice or opinions any of you could give would be really appreciated. Thank you all very much!



  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I wore a halter neck evening dress at a ball last year and found that a choker actually works the best. Love the Donatella dress too Cherrypie and saw a few on ebay but I am so tall none of them fitted me. I wanted a halterneck dress so much but went for strapless which is what I said I wouldn't have but it is unique in its own way which I love.
  • Thanks so much Cheryl. That's really helped - a choker is what i thought but wasn't sure. I think i'll go for it!
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