Looking for Manuel Mota's 'CANADA'

Hey all!

I'm desperatly trying to find the 'dress' Canada (2008) by Manuel Mota, I love it so much and it is exactly the style I'm looking for. I've tried Pronovia Bond street, Harrods and a couple of shops outside London. Does anyone know where I might find this dress to try please? Really appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks a mil xxx

PS: Here's a pic


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  • i live in canada and not one store in our country had that dress. i know that the closest place to me was new york city. i found the dress on the pronovias website and knew that was my dress. in calgary, alberta, one of the dress shops (Ethos) carries pronovias, but not the manuel mota. they agreed to order it for me. it comes in 4 different materials. pronovias in barcelona emailed me that info. i never did try it on or see it for myself. i ordered it in september. last weekend (jan 23) i flew to calgary because the dress came in. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. could not be happier. i am going back in april for my fitting and alterations. couldn't wait til then to see it. it costed me about $3000. good luck to you!!!!! keep phoning the bridal shops. i'm assuming you want to see it before you order it. otherwise, any shop that sells pronovias can order it for you.
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