Anyone having a change of clothes for the evening do?

I just wondered if anyone else planned on changing for the evening do?

My dress is part of the Jasmine Bridal Collection and has a chapel train, hopefully the picture will work. image

I love this dress, i really do and that's why i plan to change for the evening do. We have a very energetic little girl and i know if she wants Mummy that i can't be as active with her if i have my wedding dress on, so i want something a little more flexable but still shows that i'm the bride.

I'm thinking of wearing a monsoon bridal gown, which are still quite dressy (expensive but not nearly as much as the dress) and easy to get around in.

What are your thoughts?


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    Nobody have any views?!
  • I want to make the most of mine so i'm wearing it all evening. It has a long train so i'm having a bussel done so i can tie it up at night... but looking at your train it looks quite a complex one and the dress is quite full so i can understand why you want to change in the evening!

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    My sister in law to be wants to keep hers on all day when she finally gives in and marrys her boyfriend but i think with Megan it would be too complicated to wear my dress all evening, which is a pity.

    Good idea with your dress though.

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