Sunflower bouquet??

Hi girls. I really love the idea of having sunflowers in my bouquet and the same for the bridesmaids but think they will be far too big for button holes. What flower would you suggest that I could put in my bouquet that I could use as button holes but still look nice with the sunflowers? My colour scheme is dark green. Thanks for any advice as I am useless at these things. XXX


  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    What about Gerberas as they are similar shape to sunflowers but not as big and theres loads of colours, hope that helps Shaz xx
  • My theme is vintage green with white flowers i'm having gerberas only in my bouquet and the bridesmaids are having a mixed bouquet of gerberas roses carnations etc. The button holes are going to be white roses. I didn't want gerberas as button holes as i imagined clowns when i imagined gerbera button holes!!
  • Thanks for the replies girls. I am thinking something quite small and plain as only really want a small bouquet/ posy but don't want it hidden by the sunflowers. I could just pick a different main flower but I do love sunflowers.
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