Bridesmaids in White

I'm new to this site, so hi everyone! I hope your plans are coming along well.

I'm considering having my 3 bridesmaids in white. What does everyone think about this?


  • jackiebukjackiebuk Posts: 50
    I think it looks really nice having little ones in white. I saw the very cheesy Colin and whatever his name is Scottish guys do a wedding on tv a few weeks back. The brie had about 6 grown up bridesmaids that were all in white and I just thought it looked a bit overkill on the white and detracted a little from the bride. I'm going to have my grown up bridesmaid in a colour and then my little ones in white dresses with a sash in the same colour as the grown up bridemaid.
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    it depends on their age and what colour ur having.

    little ones yes if you are having white big ones no way.
  • Hi Millie

    Are you having a coloured dress? If so then I think bridesmaids would look fab all in white; however, if you're in white also then I agree with jackie and amy that it might be a bit much white! Flowergirls looks gorgeous in white though and Debenhams have some beautiful sparkly dresses in. Good luck whatever you decide! xx
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Hi Millie,

    I think I agree with cathy_sparkle. My original wedding plan was me in red and birdesmaids in cream so I think it could look very lovely. That said you don't want any confusion about who is the bride so it might be best to avoid all of you entirely in white.

    Good luck with sorting it all out.

  • Thanks for all your comments, really appreciate them all. I'm wearing white but my dress is very high impact and I was therefore thinking of having bridesmaids in more simple and understated white dresses. I just love the idea of having a full all white wedding. The chateau we're getting married in is also white and i've just got this feeling that it'll look fab, but my bridesmaids are all in their 20's! If i don't go for white though i have no idea what colour bridesmaid dresses to have!!

    I had a feeling that most people would feel this way and thanks for confirming it for me.

    How good's this site? I can get so many opinions from so many different types of people. I love it!!!!!
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    its your day have what you like. despite what we say. you may not like our colour schemes. what colour suits/ties/waistcoats are the men having?
  • Hi again Millie

    In that case, I reckon you could probably get away with it! Especially if your bridesmaids wore short floaty style dresses. If you didn't want strong colours you could think about pale silver or pale gold.

    I also love the idea of a white wedding, which is pretty much what I'm having except bridesmaids will be in very pale green. Other than that we're having white roses and ivy, white linen, white hairpieces etc etc. I think white everything with a slight accent colour will look very elegant!

  • My H2B is going to wait until we've decided on bridesmaids before he picks his outfit, all he knows at the moment is that he's wearing a morning suit.

    I was thinking of shorter floaty dresses, going to run it past them all. Your pale green dresses sound lovely!
  • Thanks - hopefully I'm going to buy them from an American site, which is much cheaper! My h2b has requested frock coat etc - luckily I've found a company that does a sage green cravatte that matches the bridesmaid material really well. With regards to your dresses though - if YOU think it looks great then go for it!
  • Maybe I have no taste but I've got two in Ivory and I'm in Ivory. My two bridesmaids are shorter than me and they are both wearing tea length dresses which are not wildly dissimilar to mine. They are all satine with lace overlays but mine is covered in sequins while their dresses are plain.

    Anyway I think you should do whatever you want, my H2b is in a tuxedo but he's wearing a white tie instead of a bow tie.

    I think you have to do what you would like and if you don't want any colour at all - don't have any. Everyone there knows you are the bride so I really wouldn't worry - I bet it will look great. I think black and white is really classy!
  • That sounds lovely. Black and white does look classy and I could do with incorporating a little bit of black in to the table decoration as my Mum and Gran are desperate to wear black or dark colours as that's what they feel best in. Thanks for your thoughts.
  • hpickuphpickup Posts: 25
    Hi Millie

    I went to a wedding a couple of years ago - both bridesmaids were in white and it looked stunning - both in their 20's, very slim, tall and blonde and in identical dresses but a contrasting style to the bride - definitely a wow factor! H2B and friends certainly thought so! Good luck with your plans!

  • I've seriously been considering putting my bridemaids in white too, but have had similar responses to you regarding the matter! If your dress is full length, why not put your bridesmaids in tea length dresses, or if your dress is strapless, choose a different neckline for your bridesmaids. I am going with my sister to pick her dress today so I have to decide pretty quickly!

    Ultimately, you should definately have what you feel is best for your wedding.

  • Right I've decided bridesmaids are in white thank you all so much for your comments. I've seen the perfet ones on What an amzing range of bridesmaid dresses, love the fact that you can see each dress in every available colour.

    Good luck Philippa with your bridesmaid dress, hope you get the perfect one.

  • I'm looking for some nice pale green bridesmaids dresses, any one got any good ideas, don't really want to go over £120 each. be glad to hear any suggestions

    Julie x
  • RachierRachier Posts: 95
    Hi there.

    I know you've already decided your gonna go for it, but just to say, i am having an Ivory dress and I too want my Bridesmaids (2 big, 2 small) in shorter ivory dresses, with maybe a flash of another colour somewhere on them (have like you looked on dessy). Also am going to carry the all cream theme throught the whole day, flowers, tables etc.

    So I say yes go for your white dresses!

  • Hi Rach,

    Thank you for your enthusiaism, it fills me with a bit more confidence. I have actually looked at my Gran's wedding photos from years and years ago. She had white bridesmaids and the photos looked amaxing in black and white.

    So here's to our ivory weddings!!!
  • RachierRachier Posts: 95
    Hi Millie,

    Exactly! At the end of the day it's what we want, no-one else. When is your wedding?

    My problem is also that I have dark hair, olive skin BM and one blonde really fair skin BM, so finding a colour thats suits both would be a toughie, so Ivory is ideal for me.

  • troubleuktroubleuk Posts: 70
    Hi Millie

    Realise you have probably made you mind up now but I also think it will look great all in white. I saw an ad recently for a wedding photographer and all the bridesmaids where wearing white suits and the bride was wearing a simple white dress - they all looked very stylish! It was similar to the idea above of say you wearing a long dress and the bridesmaids wearing knee lenth dresses.

    I say go for it !!!!!!!!!!
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    I think all white/ivory/cream looks fab and very classy especially if the theme is continued thorugh to flowers, etc.

    You'll all look stunning!!

    Good luck!!
  • Hi Rach,

    My wedding is on the 31st May 07, when's yours?

    Thanks for everyones comments on how stylish they think it'll look feeling good about it now. I have created some all white sketchbooks with flowers, dresses, table decorations etc and it's looking good!
  • RachierRachier Posts: 95
    Mine is 8th Sept 2007, so got abit longer than you.

    Just ran the ivory (with a splash of chocolate) dress theory past my BM's they are well up for it.

    Guess we've just got great taste eh Millie?? imageimageimageimage

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