Washing a Wedding Dress


I'm looking for some advice.

I have purchased a second hand wedding dress from ebay which obviously hasn't been cleaned as it has a few grubby marks, also it was owned by a smoker so it doesn't smell very pleasant!!

I'm not too sure yet whether it's the one I'm going to wear as I have one on order from Landy but it won't be here until the end of the month.

And as I'm not sure about it I am reluctant to fork out for dry cleaning. I have looked at the label and it can be washed on a 40 degree wash.

So, how do I go about it? I have read that it's best to put it in a duvet cover to protect any sparkley bits but what about using washing powder etc.

And what is the best way to dry it? I was thinking of just hanging it over the bath.

Has anyone washed their dress and can you please give me some pointers.

Thank you



  • hello, my mum washed my wedding dress as i allso got mine on ebay. she just put it in a duvet cover on a 40 degree wash and washed as normal. then all she did to dry it was hang it on a hanger with a towel or sumthing under it to catch the drips. it took a while to dry but it was worth it it the end. hope this helps! jen xx
  • Thanks ladies

    We're going away for the weekend so I might put it in the wash before we go so it can have four days undisturbed drying over the bath!!!

    And then I'll know that my h2b won't be able to have a sneaky look!!
  • Make sure you turn it inside out and its should be fine. Best to use the delicate setting if it is beaded.
  • hi there

    you can get this handwash stuff wall woolite. its brilliant - even does silk and lace.

  • Hi, I purchased a sample dress which is polyester and buttons. Because of my ocd I feel compelled to wash it 😩 because I don’t like the thought of how many other people have tried it on. Anyway I’ve seen lots of posts saying this type of material is fine to wash but I wanted to ask about any padding or bone in the dress - is that safe too? I plan to put it in a large wash bag on a cool wash, however I don’t think it will fit in my machine I will have to take it to the launderette- do you think it will be safe?

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