Anyone else TOTALLY obsessed with dresses?!

Since starting to look at wedding dresses I've become completely obsessed! I'm like a woman possessed!

There are two dresses that are haunting me. I find myself thinking about them all the time and weighing them up. I have pictures of them that I look at every day!!!

They're very different but both sooooo beautiful.

I've got another appointment to go back and try them both back on in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I just wondered if it's just me?!

Good luck to obsessed brides everywhere!!!!

Love Elly



  • Hi Elly

    Oh I completely agree, I have become utterly consumed by wedding dresses, I just love the whole experience of trying on the most beautiful dresses and feeling like a princess.

    I am quite tempted to open a bridal shop, so I can play all day and call it work!!!!

    V xx
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    it`s not just you

    even when you should be doing something else you suddenly find yourself thinking random wedding thoughts!
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    It doesn't end there...once you have choosen you dress, the obessing moves onto the tiara and jewelery image

  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Ha ha, I can totally relate - I just started looking this weekend and also fell in love with two dresses, but the more I think about it, the more I love one in particular -

    I keep going to look at the picture on the net and also the one I have at home!!! Does that mean its the one???
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252

    I am exactly the same - I currently have a short list of 4 dresses and I have pictures of them all that I look at when I should be working - don't know how I am going to decide cause they are all gorgeous.

    My shortlist is:

    Jenny Packham - Honeybee

    Maggie Sottero - Nikita and Perri

    Kate Sherford - Joy

    If anyone else is having any of these dresses I would love to know.

    Elly - what are the 2 dresses you love?
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Shoegal, it's lovely, so pretty!

    One of my "potentials" is a lot like that actually, just it's not got the sash bit hanging at the side and is a sort of soft gold/creamy colour rather than the silvery colour, really similary shape though. The other is all floaty and pretty embroidery. Difficult to know isn't it?!

    Are you going to go back to try it on again and see if that makes your mind up?

    Good to know it's not just me losing my marbles to dresses!

    I keep consoling myself with the thought that it's the only time in my life I'm allowed to be this obssessed so I may as well enjoy it!
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Hi Honeybee, I was posting last post as you were as well!

    The two shortlisted are a satin dress from DG Collection called Poeme -

    The other is a Virginia Lau dress. Go to and then scroll down the the picture for the Virginia Lau collection, that's it.

    By the way I just love the Jenny Packham one on your list!

    Good luck making your choice.

    Elly X
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Your dresses are gorgeous - if I was choosing I would go with the DG. Its very similar to a Suzanne Neville I tried on - gave me a fantastic shape - but it wasn't what I was looking for.

    The Jenny Packham is gorgeous but unfortunately the most expensive on my list. Got another appointment this week with my Mum and then on 22nd July I am taking my bridesmaids with me to try on all 4 in one day and make the final decision.
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    HA ha I totally agree - I'm not normally this obsessive honest!!

    I love looking at everone elses dresses too - they are all gorgeous. Both of you have chosen dresses that are quite different from each other, one floaty and one structured. It's such a hard choice isn't it! I think i will go back and try it again to see how I feel. Got two more appointments still at other shops though so I could change my mind still! I suppose the fact that I really didn't want to take it off is a good sign though. FYI, it's not actually as silver in real life - it's just ivory and it isn't that shiny!

    Honeybee, surely you have to go for the one named after you!! But the Nakita one is quite similar to the Jenny Packham and presumably less expensive? Looks utterly gorgeous!

    Look forward to finding out which if any of those you both go for!
  • Marie19ukMarie19uk Posts: 7
    Hi everyone!

    I'm going on my first dress shopping trip on Saturday and am really looking forward to it. All of your dresses look fantastic I'm just worried that with so many wonderful dresses out there I'm going to struggle making a decision. Although, as I'm only about 5'2" I may be restricted in the style of dress I choose in the end, as I don't want the dress to bury me.
  • chattsterukchattsteruk Posts: 239
    Hi there,

    What can i have so put my mind at rest. Was starting to think that I was the only crazy one out there! I have seen a few that I like but there is one in particular that I keep looking at....when I should be doing work!

    find myself dreaming of dresses/weddings everynight....and still have just over a year to go!

    here's a picture of my curent fave.....haven't tried it on yet, but am hoping it will look as good on me as in the pic!

    let me know what you think xxxx

  • brandonukbrandonuk Posts: 64
    chattster your dress is stunning.:
  • chattsterukchattsteruk Posts: 239
    thanks Joanne....that's made me love it even more!

    do you have yours yet?
  • brandonukbrandonuk Posts: 64
    Hi yes got mine in january dont know what its called though went into the bridal shop and had a look for dresses in my price range and luckily there was a sale on seen mine and compared to most wedding dresses was cheap at £400.Now that i have started looking at everyones dresses i start to panic and hope ive made the right choice because eveyones are so lovely.
  • chattsterukchattsteruk Posts: 239
    don't worry joanne, am sure it is absolutely gorge! my sister got married in march and and didn't have a pic too look so she had lots of moments when she started to doubt the beauty of her dress....but she looked absolutely stunning on the day!

    am sure you will do xx
  • brandonukbrandonuk Posts: 64
    Thanks Chattster i'm sure your right i've been back to the shop loads to try the dress on and everytime i try it on i love it,the problem is when i havnt seen it for a while i forget what it looks like
  • PeonyukPeonyuk Posts: 25
    Am also obsessed with dresses... I am having a Chinese wedding where the bride is EXPECTED to change 2 or 3 times. I will have a white Western gown for the ceremony, change into a red Chinese dress for the reception and then another Chinese dress for going away. 3 outfits = 3 times the obsession!
  • troubleuktroubleuk Posts: 70
    It doesn't end there...once you have choosen you dress, the obessing moves onto the tiara and jewelery image

    Or if you are like me you still obsess that you got the right dress (even though I tried it on again 2 weeks ago and loved it!). I still like looking at dresses in magazines and I getting married in two weeks!
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Hey Chatster I've been looking at that dress!! But tbh, all the Maggie Sottero ones I've seen are stunning - so blingy and gorge!!

    I'm dreading choosing my dress, I'll be one of those constantly looking at other dresses and thinking I've made the wrong choice - arrrgh!! I'm thinking that I might even get my dress made because the choice is too hard to make - it's a minefield out there!!

  • chattsterukchattsteruk Posts: 239
    Hi lilcorker,

    It's gorgeous isn't it. I've a feeling I'll be like that too when i finally get mine!

    I almost got one made and went for a consultation with a dressmaker/designer but when it came to it I just didn't have the bottle to pay all that money for a dress without seeing what I looked like in it before handing my money over (do you know what I mean?)

    Am very excited but also scared about choosing THE DRESS, as want it to be absolutly blooming gorgeous!

    Have you tried the maggie one on? do you know how much it costs?

  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Hi Chattster,

    I have 2 maggies on my short list - Nikita which is about £750 and Perri which is £1050. I would think the Chandra would be somewhere in between. I am going to another dress shop tonight - I dread when I have picked my dress and I can't try anymore on - I just love it.
  • chattsterukchattsteruk Posts: 239
    OMG Honeybee....Nakita is just gorgeous! I think that that has now also made it onto my list!

    Good luck deciding!

    p.s. when is the BIG day?
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252

    30th June 07. I am going to try more dresses on this afternoon. I am prefering Perri at the moment but last week tried on a Kate Sherford called Joy which I am in love with. So hard choosing - this will be my last shop (boo) before I have to make my mind up. (I have run out of shops in Aberdeen). Going to go back round all my faves though. Don't know how I am ever going to make my mind up cause they are all gorgeous.
  • Ali88ukAli88uk Posts: 58
    Chattster - Maggie dresses are to die for! I think I've tried on 10 different ones, and every single one felt and looked lovely! The dresses are so well made, they feel great and give you a fantastically flattering shape. I ordered my dress the other week - Olympia by, you guessed it, Maggie Sottero! I'd definitely recommend her dresses, and they're not all hugely bank-breaking (but cost enough to make you feel extra special). And that one you're looking at - gorgeous!
  • hi

    I've picked a maggie too but sometimes worry that it's too much, I'm getting it in white with silver lace would be interested to hear what anyon thinks

    I'm having a big church wedding so am thinking it's the only chance I'll get to wear something so spectacular again.

    Oh help, am still not sure, when i try it on I kno wit's the right one but when you don't see it for a while you forget!

    Jules x
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252

    Its gorgeous - where about in Scotland are you? - I'm in Aberdeen.
  • Thanks honeybee

    I'm in Blantyre, close to Glasgow, I don't envy you having to decide between 4 dresses, it's so hard because they're all lovely.

    I'm in two minds about looking anymore because I want them all. I've been at work for 2 hours and I've done nothing but look up wedding stuff on the internet.

    You can safely say I'm addicted and I've ages to go yet!

  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    I am exactly the same - I don't think an hour goes by at work when I'm not on this site or looking at the photos of my dresses!! Have done next to nothing today cause I am excited about my appointment this afternoon.

    When are you getting married and where?
  • I'm getting married on 14th June 08 in St Josephs and then having our reception in the Parkville hotel in Blantyre, they're next door to each other.

    Am going to a wedding on 18th August in both places so I'll be having a good look around, lol.

    Was at a wedding in there last June and it was great but I wasn't paying attention as I didn't know I'd be getting married! It's all really exciting though!

    When do you get married? i wish I had an appt this aftenoon, lucky you! I want to put my dress back on now!
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    OMG - I can't believe you have 2 years to go and you had bought your dress - are you not worried you might change your mind? Sorry I don't mean to worry you. I put off going for mine for ages and I have changed my mind so many times about what I want. I am getting married 1 year tomorrow. 30/06/07. We are getting married at Castle Fraser and then reception at Norwood Hall. Both fab places and I can get a fairytale dress that will look perfect in a Castle. Only an hour to go till my appointment !!!

    PS Your dress is fab and I'm sure you will still love it in 2008.
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