What are people's thoughts on elbow/opera gloves


I'm thinking of wearing elbow or opera gloves as my wedding is in winter and I think that gloves look very elegant with the slimline style of dress I've chosen:


I'm a little bit worried that they will look a bit 1980's though!

What are people's general thoughts about them??

Thank you



  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    i had a pair with my 1st wedding dress. and they looked ok. but it was a sort of vintage style dress - i had a parasol and vintage boater hat, lloked better than sounds.

    they go ok if you have the right sort of dress.
  • troubleuktroubleuk Posts: 70
    It is hard to say without seeing you in the dress with gloves on but my feeling is that it looks really good without them. You might also find it hard to match them (in terms of clour and fabric) in with your dress - which is absolutely stunning by the way.

    Probably best to take the advice of your family and friends who will be able to see you in the dress - did the shop have any that you could try on with it?

    I have also got a Pronovias dress (Agnes) but it isn't on that website.

    However with such a stunning dress I am sure you will look great whatever you decide to go with.
  • vicky_melhamvicky_melham Posts: 192
    Don't forget about the practicalities of wearing gloves, like taking them off at the altar (you can't put your wedding ring on over your gloves!) - and also for eating later on in the day.

    I think they could lovely, but as Trouble said, you might have difficulty finding ones that match exactly.

    As you're having a winter wedding are you having some kind of shawl? If you are, the gloves might make the outfit look a bit 'clutered'?

  • sammiuksammiuk Posts: 95

    My sister wore long satin gloves for the first part of the evening reception and the first dance - they looked great because they changed the look from daytime to evening!

    I think Victoria is right about the practicallities of wearing them during the day though!

    Dress looks fab!
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Have you thought about fingerless gloves? They would solve all the putting-the-ring-on problems, and make practicalities like eating a bit simpler too! Lucy Marshall does some really nice ones: I've been considering them myself if I can't find a long-sleeved dress I really like.
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