Has anyone ever seen this Phil Collins Dress?

Hi all,

Is anyone got/getting a Phil Collins dress?

I've ordered an ivory/pewter dress style 908 for my wedding on 4th July 2009 but I cant find a picture o it on the net anywhere! Has anyone seen it or got a pic/link they can send me?

I went out and bought some pretty silver bridal jewellery today, have a look and tell me what you think please.

I bought my 3 bridesmaids nice necklaces to wear with their dresses:


I also found a lovely necklace and earings for me for the wedding.:


What do you think?





  • Anybody heard of Phil Collins, buying a dress or seen got pics of this onein particular?

    I would be so grateful.


  • Hiya, yeh i have heard of phill collins, i have tried on a few dresses... have a look on his website phil colins bridal. i have to say i think your dress code is missing a didgit as all of his dress codes are 4didgits long, did the shop give you the code for the dress? They should be able to send you a pic. I emailed phil colins from theyr website as i asked for the rear view of a dress and they replied quickly so could always ask them to email you the pictures!?

    Hope this helps

  • A colleague of mine had a Phil Collins dress for her wedding. Not sure which one though.
  • Thanks for your replies will e-mail the company

  • hi summerbride09

    ive ordered a phil collins dress (pc7955) for my wedding this august . i wanted a pic of the dress so i could co-ordinate my tiara with it so i e.mailed them and they sent me a brochure within a couple of days .

    p.s ur dress code is not quite right and i would love a peek at ur dress xxx
  • The shop where I got my dress from have been really funny about getting me a picture or even giving me a product code. They are now closing down due to health problems of the owner just after my dress is due to arrive in April so they cant even do my alterations or store the dress anymore and have had to find another seamstress to do them!

    Yes I do appreciate they have other problems so I'm the least of their concerns but I have spent a lot of money with them and thats my main priority getting my dress.

    Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant but Im well stressed out about it lol.
  • Just had a look at your dress karen-lou whilst e-mailing re my pics, it looks gorgeous! When do you get married. I'm getting married 4th July 2009... only 16 weeks now Oh My God!
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  • I had a look on that site missd31 but my dress isnt on there, its not on the main Phil Collins site either, hope they can find me a pic. I have e-mailed them.
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