Maggie sizes

Hi all you Maggie brides

I'm wondering if you can give me an idea as to how maggie sizes compare to your usual high street clothes sizes?

Kim x


  • I think the one i got, Celeste is tiny. I'm a 14 and had to get an 18.
  • My 10 was just right. It's a tricky one though because of the corsetry (sp?) and everyone being different shapes!
  • For me they're about one size smaller. I'm a 10-12 and have bought a 12 which is slightly too tight so need to loose a few pounds!
  • OJMummyOJMummy Posts: 154
    i usually wear a size 10 and was told I could order an 8 or a 10 - i went with a 10 as they said it was easier to take a size 10 it in a bit if needed, but they couldnt let out the size 8 and i didnt want it tight over my hips!
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    My maggie was a US size 4, and I am normally a size 8/10
  • i am a size 10/12 normally and my maggie is a size 10 and fits perfectly.
  • Iam a 16/18 and mines and 1 tried on in the shop twaz 16..un little tight @ the back. Going 4 18 xx
  • I'm a 10-12 at the moment and my dress was ordered in a 12 but there's about an inch gap between the edge of the modesty panel on the lace up back and the other side so need to work at shifting a few inches image i would advise to buy a size bigger coz its easier to take a dress in than go the other way.
  • Tinks85Tinks85 Posts: 351
    I had to go one up, normally a 12 but the 14 fits just right. My dress is Lavina Royal.
  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    I'm a size 8-10 normally, in a maggie dresses (i tried on a few) i was a size 6 and it fitted perfectly.

    She tried me in a 4 first and i waddled out the changing room i couldn't breath!!

    Height was perfect too i'm 5"9 and wouldn't needed any adjustments....hope this helps!
  • I'm a 12/14 and had to go up a size to a 16...

    Tinks85 you are my dress twin!! Well nearly, I'm having the Lavina, but the top is the same. Have you decided what jewellery, veil etc you're going to wear with it yet? x
  • Im normally a size 10/12 and my dress, Victoriana, was ordered in a size 10 (US 8). She did take my measurements to confirm. Cant tell you if it fits yet as it wont be here until July!
  • tash86uktash86uk Posts: 247
    I am normally a size 10 but had to order treasure in a 12. Bit annoyed as it is fairly big and will need taking in on the bust and hips but I guess it was better to be safe really.

  • i've just been to try on my dress for the first time today. I've got Michelle. I usually buy a size 18 and when they measured me I was a 18 in maggie sizes. It fits like lovely. The corset back might have something to do with it.

  • Im normally a 14 and i got a 12.. a tiny bit tight but now ive lost some weight it should fit better. The corset backs help.
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I tried a maggie dress on at the National wedding show and it was a size UK 8 and it was a bit too big so the lady said I need a size UK 6 and I'm normally a size 8 - 10. I think it depends what style of dress you go for and whether you are bigger on top or bottom etc... I'm pear shaped so I'm a size 8 on top sometimes even a 6 and my bottom half is a size 8 - 10 and the dress was fitted on top with a flared out skirt so it wasn't hugging to the biggest part of my body which probably means that I could get a smaller size as my bust is miniscule lol
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